A Muse N Games is proud to announce we are hosting eight, yes eight!, Core 2020 Prerelease events for the newest Magic: the Gathering set! On Friday, July 5th we are hosting a 3 pm and 7 pm events. On Saturday, July 6th we are hosting events at Midnight, 8 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm. On Sunday, July 7th we are hosting events at 1 pm and 6 pm. Early bird registration is $40 taxes in and is available until July 3 @10pm. Regular/At the door price is $45 taxes in. And yes you can still Buy 5 get the 6th one free – if you want to take advantage of this online email us at info(at)amusengames.ca after you have purchased 5 online and let us know which 6th one you would like to attend for FREE. 

For each Prerelease there will be a Core 2020 themed playmat given away and one lucky participant in each of the 4 flights of open dueling will also receive a mat.

The 3pm and midnight prereleases will be capped at 3 rounds and will have the following prizing structure:

3-0 = 4 Packs
2-0-1 = 3 Packs
2-1 = 2 Packs
All Other Records* = 1 Pack
*As long as you play all 3 rounds

All other prereleases will be 4 rounds with the following prize structure

4-0 = 6 M20 Packs
3-0-1 = 5 M20 Packs
3-1-0 = 4 M20 Packs
All Other Records* = 1 M20 Pack
*As long as you play all 4 rounds