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Hour of Devastation Prerelease Weekend July 8-9

by June 3, 2017

Hour of Devastation Prerelease

A Muse N Games is hosting 4 Hour of Devastation Prerelease events for the newest Magic: the Gathering set! Midnight, Noon, and 5 pm on Saturday, July 8 and then 6pm on Sunday,July 9.

Hour of Devastation prerelease events will start promptly with deck construction at the listed start times. Early Bird registration $35 taxes in if you register before 10:00 pm Wednesday, July 5. Regular registration is $40 taxes in.

Each participating player will receive a special prerelease pack containing 4-packs of Hour of Devastation, 2-packs of Amonkhet, a spindown life counter, and promotional foil card! Two Hour of Devastation booster packs per player will be placed into the prize pool. Any player who plays through all four rounds of swiss receive at least one Hour of Devastation booster pack from the prize pool.

Further prizing information will be announced closer to the date of the Hour of Devastation prerelease. You can preregister now in store or online below.



5:00 pm


Amonkhet Prerelease Weekend April 22-23, 2017

by April 26, 2017

AMNG Amonkhet Prerelease info

For the next Magic: the Gathering set Amonkhet  A Muse N Games is hosting 4 prereleases! Midnight, Noon, and 5pm on Saturday April 22. Then 6pm on Sunday April 23.

Amonket prereleases will start promptly with deck construction at the listed start times. Early Bird registration $35 taxes in if you register before 10:00 pm Wednesday, April 19. Regular registration is $40 taxes in.

Each participating player will receive a special prerelease pack containing 6-packs of Amonkhet, a spindown life counter, and promotional foil card! Two Amonkhet booster packs per player will be placed into the prize pool. Any player who plays through all four rounds of swiss receives an Amonkhet booster pack from the prize pool. There will also be flights of open dueling during each prerelease.

We also will be giving away four special Amonkhet playmats at each prerelease! Those who finish first and second will receive a mat, a third will be given away in a random draw, and a fourth will be given away to a participant of open dueling by random draw. A championship plaque will also be given to the winner of the Midnight and the Sunday 6:00 pm prereleases.

Register in store or online through Eventbrite

Time Facebook Link Online Registration
Powered by Eventbrite
Midnight Facebook Register Now
Noon Facebook Register Now
5:00 PM Facebook Register Now
6:00 PM Sunday Facebook Register Now


THE MANA DORK – Impressions from Commander 2016 and AMNG Leagues!

by December 2, 2016

The Mana Dork
I am beginning to think I have previously been a tad too cute with the titles. Also, given that we’re doing a bit of a round-up today, it seems appropriate to simply call out the round-up, eh?

Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa


Who has two thumbs and called it? This guy.
Here’s what I said back in October, before Commander 2016 released:
“But what if Wizards decided to go wayyyyy out there, and design two creatures that could co-exist in the command zone?
It doesn’t require much of an adjustment to the rules—just increment your commander tax for each card individually, define your deck’s colour identity using the colour identity of the two commanders combined, and come up with a new mechanic that allows your new commanders to co-exist. And it opens up some interesting gameplay decisions about when you cast your commanders, and how.”
The mechanic I predicted was worded thusly:
Alliance (You may begin the game with up to two creatures with alliance in the command zone.)
It differs from the actual Partner mechanic in that it defines the cards themselves as commanders—which, you know, probably should happen if we’re going to play a format called Commander. But other than that, I was almost word-for-word correct with my craziest prediction!

Okay, enough self-regard. You’re here for impressions.

The decks themselves are quite good. I’ve played one game with Kynaios and Tiro and several games with Saskia, and generally speaking, I have all four colours between turns 4-6 or so. I have yet to truly be mana-screwed.
Wizards has done an excellent job in constructing the decklists—they needed to make sure the decks had equal access to all of their colours with relative frequency, without reprinting expensive, in-demand cards like fetchlands that would have made it easy to do so. And they have succeeded.

Additionally, the decks contain many Commander staples—hello, Chromatic Lantern! Hello, Ghostly Prison!—making sure that they can hold their own against a variety of custom-brewed lists.

The Partners mechanic is extremely novel, and it’s going to take a while to figure out. I have a strong feeling that Partner commanders are going to be much better at the head of decks that don’t rely on the commander, than ones where the commander is central.

Shadowborn Apostle

To give you an example, here’s the latest iteration of my Shadowborn Apostle deck, now featuring Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa and Tymna the Weaver in front.
This is a combo-ish deck—get six Apostles on the field, sacrifice them, bring out Rune-Scarred Demon, bring out Thrumming Stone, get every Apostle on the field, do Fun Things™ with them. Previously, it has featured Athreos, Little Teysa, and Karador as commanders.
It had a problem, though—I never had enough draw, or enough to do in the middle of the game.
Sidar and Tymna help me solve that problem. They don’t need to be out for the deck to function, but having them both lets me poke people with Apostles and draw 3-4 extra cards a turn, which greatly helps with the velocity of the deck. See more cards, cast more Apostles, combo off more quickly.
This is where I think Partners will do best—as supports for their deck, rather than as keystones.

Glimmer of Genius

(This section is going to be much shorter—mostly because I don’t have neat predictions to preen over.)
I spent a bit of time in the Kaladesh Playtest League in recent weeks, and it was an absolute blast!
If you’re not familiar, here’s the deal with League play, in brief:
Start with three booster packs.
Build a 30-card deck using cards from those packs and land from the store.
Play with as many different people as you can over multiple weeks. Matches consist of a single game, with one free mulligan.
Each week, and after every third loss, you may buy an additional booster to add cards to your card pool and rebuild your deck.
Have fun!
In practice, it felt like “mini-Sealed”. I was stretching all those good Limited muscles, looking for synergies and assessing card playability—but there was much less pressure, because of the casual, fun-focused nature of the league.
And I have to say, it’s also pretty fun knowing that, with three rares and only room for 17 or so non-land cards in your pool, you’ve got a pretty high likelihood of drawing an awesome bomb in almost every game.
In short—built, played, had a blast. Cannot recommend enough.

Argothian Enchantress

And if you’re excited by the idea of League play—good news, everyone!
AMNG is doing an Eternal Masters League for three Sundays in December! At 2 PM on the 4th, 11th, and 18th, you can buy into the league for $40, netting you three Eternal Masters boosters and a chance at glory. EMA boosters will also be available at a special discounted rate of $15 per booster when bought for League play, so come on in!
Also, AMNG has announced that they’ve started doing… SUNDAY pre-releases. (Ooooooh)
Starting with Aether Revolt in January, the store will host a 6 PM Sunday pre-release, alongside the midnight Friday and noon and 5 PM Saturday pre-releases! MOAR MAGIC, amirite?
See you in the store!

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular contributor to A Muse N Games. Tune in every two weeks for The Mana Dork, his column about all things Magic!

Aether Revolt Prereleases January 14 & 15

by January 19, 2017


We are excited to announce that we are now adding a 6pm SUNDAY prerelease!!
Below are the details of all our prereleases for this new set as well as links to event brite if you want to secure your spot without a trip down to the store.

 Aether revolt prereleases will start promptly with deck construction at the listed start times. Price is $35 taxes in if you register before 10pm Wednesday January 11, or if you register for multiple events at once  in store (midnight, noon, 5pm and introducing 6pm Sunday!) At the door for one event is $40 (or after 10pm on Wednesday January 11 until even starts).

Each participating player will receive a special prerelease pack containing 4 packs of Aether Revolt along with 2 Packs of Kaldesh.
Two Aether Revolt booster packs per player will be placed into the prize pool. Any player who plays through all four rounds of swiss receives an Aether Revolt booster pack from the prize pool.

Preview the Aether Revolt cards here:

Register in store or online through Eventbrite:
Saturday January 14:
Midnight: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aether-revolt-midnight-prerelease-tickets-29679110017
Noon: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aether-revolt-noon-prerelease-tickets-29679160167
5pm: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aether-revolt-5pm-prerelease-tickets-29679198281

Sunday January 15
Sunday 6pm: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/aether-revolt-sunday-6pm-prerelease-tickets-29679228371


Magic Kaladesh Prerelease Events!

by October 22, 2016

Saheeli Rai welcomes you to KaladeshKaladesh

Sealed Deck Event – Magic Kaladesh Prerelease
Each participating player receives 6 boosters, 1 foil prerelease promo, and 1 DIY Thopter!

$35 early bird rates end September 21 at 8pm.
Regular registration will be $40 September 22 and 23 or at the door.
There will be 3 available flights – midnight, noon and 5pm
Each flight will feature 4 swiss rounds, and prizes will be handed out following the 4th round.

2 Packs per player go into the prize pool.

Each player staying through all swiss rounds will receive 1 booster.
The remaining boosters will be shared by players with 1 or fewer losses.


Eventbrite - Kaladesh Midnight Prerelease

Eventbrite - Kaladesh Noon Prerelease

Eventbrite - Kaladesh 5PM Prerelease

Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release

by January 25, 2016

Magic the Gathering Oath of the GatewatchThe story that begun in Battle for Zendikar concludes in Oath of the Gatewatch.
You can get a sneak preview by participating in the Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-release. There are three flights  you can choose from:

January 16th – Midnight
January 16th – Noon
January 16th – 5pm

Preregistration is now open!

Earlybird Preregister* one flight $30
Preregister** for one flight $35
Preregister** for two or more flights $30 each
At the door one flight $40, $35 for each additional at the door flight.
*Earlybird Preregistration closes 6pm November 30th 2015.
**Preregistration closes Wednesday January 13th 2016 8pm.


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Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release this Saturday!

by January 15, 2016

Battle for Zendikar

The Battle for Zendikar begins this Saturday September 26th with the Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release!

There are 3 flights available:
Midnight (Friday Night into Saturday Morning)

Registration options:

Register for one flight before 8pm Wed September 23 – $35
Register for two or more flights before 8pm Wed Sept 23 – $30 Each flight
Register for one Flight at the door is $40.** (See Yam Fest Special!)
Register for two or more flights at the door is $35.

Yam Fest Special!

The St James Biz is holding Yam Fest in support of Winnipeg Harvest on September 26th. Bring a tin for the bin, and receive $5 off of your entry into the pre-release.


Each player who stays through the end of their pre-release flight will receive a Battle For Zendikar Booster.
There will be an additional booster of Battle for Zendikar per player put into the prize pool.


Fate Reforged Pre-Release Jan 17th 5pm

by January 15, 2016

Come out for the Pre-Release of the new Magic the Gathering set Fate Reforged Saturday January 17th at 5pm Cost will be $40 and will include a chinese food dinner from Good Earth. We are limited to 20 spots we are now accepting preregistration on a first come first served basis, so contact us early to save your spot.