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Tiny Leaders Spring League 2015

by January 15, 2016

You asked for it, you got it!

Starting Wednesday May 6, 6pm and running for 3 weeks, is A Muse N Games first Tiny Leaders League.

What is Tiny Leaders?
Tiny Leaders is a singleton format for Magic the Gathering.
Complete deck construction rules are located here:

How does the league work?
This league is intended to be casual and fun, rewarding participation and creativity.
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Playtesting opportunity for locally designed game! Over da’ Boards

by January 15, 2016

Shared Weave Games is looking for between 3 and 9 people to perform the final beta testing phase of Over da’ Boards… LEAGUE PLAY!
Playtesting consists of playing a 2 hour game once a week (or every other week depending on peoples schedules) against the other players in round robin, managing salary caps, equipment purchases, player trading, player advancement, the mercenary pool, and advancing a franchise up from the minor leagues through to international level play.
The purpose of this exercise is to make sure faction balance, league economy, and player progression isn’t broken.
Contact games(at)sharedweave.ca
if you are interested in joining the group to help out with play testing!