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Special 09/23 Commander Rules

by September 17, 2016


Magic the Gathering players have frequently commented “I wish I could play with Conspiracies in Commander.” We’ve heard that request, and we’re going to make it a reality.

Friday September 23 will be a special one night commander event! Commander players will get this one time opportunity to play with Conspiracies in Commander.

Special Deck building rules are as follows:

  • Players will have the option to use up to 5 points worth of Conspiracies in their command zone.
    • Mythic Rare conspiracies are worth 5 Points
    • Rare Conspiracies are worth 4 Points
    • Uncommon Conspiracies are worth 2 Points
    • Common Conspiracies are worth 1 Point

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to enter?
$6, just like a usual FNM Commander

Do I have to play conspiracy commander?
You don’t. Players who don’t want to participate in Conspiracy Commander will be placed in pods with other players who don’t wish to participate in Conspiracy Commander.

What is the prizing?
Casual Commander prizing is each player gets a booster or $5 in store credit for participating (their choice). FNM Foils are given out for Style Points, and for this event, creativity will be rewarded.

Magic Kaladesh Prerelease Events!

by October 22, 2016

Saheeli Rai welcomes you to KaladeshKaladesh

Sealed Deck Event – Magic Kaladesh Prerelease
Each participating player receives 6 boosters, 1 foil prerelease promo, and 1 DIY Thopter!

$35 early bird rates end September 21 at 8pm.
Regular registration will be $40 September 22 and 23 or at the door.
There will be 3 available flights – midnight, noon and 5pm
Each flight will feature 4 swiss rounds, and prizes will be handed out following the 4th round.

2 Packs per player go into the prize pool.

Each player staying through all swiss rounds will receive 1 booster.
The remaining boosters will be shared by players with 1 or fewer losses.


Eventbrite - Kaladesh Midnight Prerelease

Eventbrite - Kaladesh Noon Prerelease

Eventbrite - Kaladesh 5PM Prerelease

A Game of Thrones LCG 2.0 Kingslayer League

by February 14, 2016

Starting November 8, and running through December, January and February A Muse N Games will be hosting a Kingslayer league for the newly released A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition.  ~Updated February 14, 2015~ Final Results
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