SWLCG, Star Wars,


“This station is now the ultimate power in the universe.”    
–Admiral Motti, Star Wars: A New Hope

The Summer League will consist of 4 dates, once each month wrapping up in October.

The dates for the summer league are:

Sunday July 12, 2pm
Sunday August 23, 2pm
Sunday September 20, 2pm
Sunday October 18, 2pm

The league will work as follows:
Each date will be a separate tournament using standard Star Wars LCG Tournament Rules.

Players will play 3 matches each session, with the following scoring :
Attend a league session: 1 Point
Win a Match: 2 Points
Lose a Match: 1 Point
Win a session: 2 Points

Entry for each session is $5. A Summer tournament kit will be used as prize support for the league.

New Players!
Are you interested in learning how to play Star Wars LCG? At each session, a demo table will be available, and someone will be available to teach new players how to play.

If you own Star Wars cards, but would like assistance in deck building, or would like to gain confidence playing, these league sessions are a perfect learning grounds.