Store Championships are your chance to play in a tournament with prestigious prizes to your community of players. This is the first opportunity during each Championship Series for players to compete for the title of Champion. In addition to the exclusive prizes and title of Store Champion, winners receive a bye at a Regional Championship.

Date: July 9, 2017
Registration: 11:00 am
Matches Start: 12:00 pm
Entry Fee: $15 (taxes included)

Store Championship Kit

Participation: Each player receives alternate art Unshakable Upgrade cards.
Top Eight: Each player receives a set of acrylic terminal tokens.
Top Four: Each player receives an acrylic point dial.
Top Two: Each player receives an acrylic printed Junk Droid token and extended art card.
Champion: Winners receives a Store Champion plaque and receives a bye at a Regional Championship.

Preregister before May 31st and be entered in a draw to win an alternate art The Grand Inquisitor card.

Preregister in store or online below: