New and Back In stock Jan 16/15

new in stock Jan 16

New in store this week:

Firefly Expansion ship: Artful Dodger
Carcassonne Gold Rush
Mr. Jack
Conquest 40K expansion: the Scourge

new in stock mid jan

New in Store mid January:
Starwars Xwing Dice
Starwars Xwing Tie Advanced
Dr Who Trivial Pursuit
The Hare and the Tortoise
Zombie Dice
The Cards of Cthulhu
Smallworld – Leaders of Smallworld
Smallworld – Royal Bonus
Smallworld – Necromancer Island
Monty Python Fluxx
Pirate Fluxx
Roll For It Deluxe!
The Resistance – Hidden Agenda
The Resistance – Hostile Intent

restock Mid Jan

Back in Stock Mid January:
Iron Sky
Gloom 2nd edition
Chaos Marauders
Smallworld – Spider’s Web
Once Upon A Time
Shadows over Camelot
Duel Decks Anthology Magic the Gathering
Forbidden Island
Flash Point
Eldritch Horror – Mountains of Madness
We Didn’t Playtest This at All