Dungeons and Dragons at A Muse N Games

In response to player feedback, effective May 1, 2017 A Muse N Games is making some adjustments to the  Dungeons and Dragons games we host.

Games on Wednesday at 6:00 pm will now have a $3 entry fee (taxes included).
Games on  Sundays at 11:30 am will now have $5 entry fee  (taxes included).

To help improve the player experience, most tables will be limited to 5 players, with a few exceptions at 6. As spots are limited, we will also be implementing online pre-registration so you can ensure your spot on any given night (coming soon). Dungeon Masters will also be able to collect stamps each time they DM and can redeem 16 stamps for a free D&D Adventure book! A DM will receive 1 stamp on Wednesday nights and up to 2 stamps on Sundays.

Interested in trying Dungeons and Dragons for the first time? Come visit our store as we will be giving away First Time Player passes that will allow you to try out D&D for free on one of our nights. Bring some friends or family who has never tried it out and share one of our favourite ways to adventure! Children 12 and under are also allowed accompanying a parent or guardian.

We listen to our players and value their feedback. We understand that players haven’t had the best experience at a sprawling 7 or even 8 player table. We understand that it’s frustrating to come prepared to play at a high-level table, only to find yourself drafting a low-level character because that’s the only space available. These adjustments allow us to incentivize our DMs, and also allows us to start planning ahead so players can start playing on time when they show up for D&D rather than waiting up to 30 minutes while tables are organised.

Thanks to all of our players and our tireless Dungeon Masters!

Below is our current schedule for high-level games being run on Sundays. At the moment, we are accepting first come, first serve registration at the store. Reminder to arrive at least 15 minutes early to make sure there are spots available as each table will be limited at 5 players. There will still be more table for walk-ups and lower level players that show up on time.

Date Module Level Range Length Dungeon Master
May 7 Pool of Radiance Resurgent 5-10 4 hours Curtis
May 14 TBD 5-10 4 hours Curtis
May 21 It’s All In The Blood – Pt1 11-16 4 hours Curtis
May 28 It’s All In The Blood – Pt2 11-16 4 hours Curtis
June 4 Assault on Maerimydra – Pt1 11-16 4 hours Curtis
June 11 Assault on Maerimydra – Pt2 11-16 4 hours Curtis
June 18 Durlag’s Tower 11-16 4 hours Curtis
June 25 Durlag’s Tomb 11-16 4 hours Curtis
July 2 Reeducation 11-16 4 hours Curtis
July 9 Reclamation 11-16 4 hours Curtis

This schedule is designed to level up players towards a big D&D day on Saturday, July 15th!
It will be an 8-hour epic session for only the bravest of adventurers!

Date Module Level Range Length Dungeon Master
July 15 The Mysterious Isle + Eye of Xxiphu 17-20 8 hours Curtis