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Pathfinder Society

Starting Thursday July 2, from 6pm to 10pm the Pathfinder Society is invading A Muse N Games! Pathfinder Society Home Page   Create your PFS account. At your first game, you’ll be given a...

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Free RPG Summary!

Today, Saturday June 20th is Free RPG Day! We have games, draws, specials and more! Games: 11AM – 2pm – Fiasco 11am – 3pm Tunnels and Trolls 1pm-4pm Edge of the Empire 3pm – 6pm Dungeons and Dragons...

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  • Round 1 of the #RavnicaAllegiance Midnight Prerelease is underway! Can’t wait to crack some packs? Boxes are available now, and we’re staying open all night since our next Prerelease is at 8am!
We have 4 more: Saturday at Noon and 5. Sunday at Noon and 6!
  • This is Mo, he just won our #Magic #PPTQ! Really, he’s smiling on the inside.
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