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International Tabletop Day 2017

by May 3, 2017

International Tabletop Day at A Muse N Games will be a free event with special extras and cheats to raise money alongside Extra Life for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. You can donate money to guarantee a spot at a table (link below) but there will be free games all day and you can show up day of at no charge.

Firefly (up to 4 players) at 12:00 pm
Mice & Mystics (up to 4 players) at 12:00 pm
Pathfinder Society Intro Table (up to 6 players) at 1:00 pm
Masmora (up to 4 players) at 1:00 pm
Fantasy Age – Prelude to Krull (a Gencon exclusive adventure – up to 6 players) run by Doc Wilson at 3:00 pm
Celestia (up to 6 players) at 1:30 pm & 5:00 pm
Pandemic Cthulhu (up to 3 players) at 4:00 pm
New Angeles (up to 5 players) at 6:00 pm
7 Wonders (up to 6 players) at 7:00 pm

More events and games to be announced as we get closer to the day.

If you are interested in running something please email scotia(at) to confirm time and game slots available.

More events and games to be announced as we get closer to the day.

Donate in store to reserve a table spot or online at Eventbrite

International Table Top Day 2016

by April 24, 2016


Saturday April 30 is International Table Top Day. We will have a variety of games, demos and draws for prizes throughout the day.

It is also the last day of our spring cleaning sale so select titles will be 30% off.

Tabletop Day 2015

by January 15, 2016

Here’s the low down on what’s happening this weekend with Tabletop Day including sales, promos, and prize giveaways!

20% off lowest marked price on all Heroclix
20% off lowest marked price on all Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing
20% off all Werewolf: The Apocalypse books and Supplements.

Special Purchases
Magic The Gathering: Dragons Maze Pre-Release Packs $20
Spend $50 on Munchkin and be entered to win a swanky XL Munchkin hoodie with Hoodie Munchkin Cards

Play and win
Win a game of Fluxx and get a promo pack of cards (while supplies last, we’ve got a stack but fluxx can be a fast game)
Win 7 wonders get a Wil Wheaton Leader promo card (limit 1)
plus other Fun Promos throughout the Day 🙂

Games planned (plus other demos):
From 1-4pm (approx) Crop Cycle with Designer Trevor LehmanCarcassonne Hunters and Gatherers
Pandemic Contagion
7 Wonders
Sentinel of The Multiverse
5 Tribes
Eldritch Horror with Expansions
Dead of Winter
Say Bye to the Villains

Board Game League Nov 23-Dec 21

by January 15, 2016

Introducing our new board game league Sunday afternoons starting at 1pm the first run will be 5 weeks long and will be the following 5 games:

Nov 23 – Settlers of Catan
Nov 30 – Ticket to Ride
Dec 7 – Smallworld
Dec 14 – Lords of Waterdeep
Dec 21 – Dominion

Every Sunday you come out and play you are entered in a draw that will take place on the final Sunday Dec 21.
Each Sunday the game being played will be 10% off for league members along with all expansions and supplies (for example week one you can get 10% off of The Official Settlers of Catan board)

Pandemic demo and play

by January 15, 2016


The new Pandemic games are out (Pandemic the Cure and Pandemic Contagion) and to celebrate we figured we would play some Pandemic 2013 from 1-5 pm this Sunday October 26.

Playtesting opportunity for locally designed game! Over da’ Boards

by January 15, 2016

Shared Weave Games is looking for between 3 and 9 people to perform the final beta testing phase of Over da’ Boards… LEAGUE PLAY!
Playtesting consists of playing a 2 hour game once a week (or every other week depending on peoples schedules) against the other players in round robin, managing salary caps, equipment purchases, player trading, player advancement, the mercenary pool, and advancing a franchise up from the minor leagues through to international level play.
The purpose of this exercise is to make sure faction balance, league economy, and player progression isn’t broken.
Contact games(at)
if you are interested in joining the group to help out with play testing!

Friday Night Shenanigans the October 17th Edition

by January 15, 2016

To celebrate next weeks arrival of Pandemic “The Cure” and “Contagion” we’re going to feature a game of Pandemic featuring “Texas Hotspots”!

Also – new demo copies of of the DC Comics Deck Building Game, and Cargo Noir have arrived. Plus, we’ve yet to play our demo copies of Dixit and Le Havre, and we need to correct that.

As always, we’ll be open until 10pm, drop by and join us, or just get a game to start your own FNS at home.

Friday Night Shenanigans

by January 15, 2016

We’ve been hosting Friday Night Shenanigans at our house for years and now that we’ve opened a store we’re bringing Friday Night Shenanigans with us to the store. Bring a game, bring a friend, come hang out!

Friday Night Shenanigans is open board gaming, if you’ve got a game you love but never have enough people for bring it down. Want to try out some new games? Come see what we have in our demo library or what other people bring to the store.  We’ll be open until at least 10 pm.

Camel Up Canadian Pre-Release

by January 15, 2016

Join us on Saturday Oct 4 from noon-4pm for the Canadian release of Camel Up from Zman games. Camel Up is the 2014 Spiel Des Jahres Game of the Year. Everyone who comes down to the store and plays Camel Up between 12 and 4 will be entered to win a copy of the game. Draw will take place at 4pm and the winner will be contacted if not still at the store.


October Pre-release Teaser

by January 15, 2016

Soon to be announced an exclusive Canadian pre-release for a Spiel des Jahres 2014 winner. Stay tuned for more details!