Stellar Evolution Designs – Now at A Muse N Games!

by July 21, 2016

Brenda Slayer
My name is Brenda and I am the Creative Mastermind behind Stellar Evolution Designs!
My strange and geeky business was born out of a love of crafting, science fiction and horror as well as a need to find a career that would be flexible enough to accommodate living with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

In My Blood

I decided with my knitting experience, and so much Mennonite quilting and sewing blood pumping through my veins, to start on a journey of using those traditional textile art skills to create unusual geeky and gory coin purses, bags, purses, scarves, hats, plush weaponry, oven mitts, tea towels, mens and womens clothing and many other practical goods so fans can flaunt their favourite fandoms, animals, or patterns everyday!

Being able to design fabrics and have them printed it makes it so much fun to customize orders as well!

I can now almost make anything from fabric, yarn or even 3D printed!

Win Win for All!

I do have a passion to advocate for those with MS (like me) live better lives so I choose to donate $1 from every purchase to the MS Society of Canada. Donations are pooled into my MS Walk Team, Scrambled Legs, fundraising efforts each year!

So come on down to A Muse N Games to sneak a peek at my handmade geekery and gore, add it to your gift registry or come out and say hi at the next event-I would LOVE to geek out with you!

Spike 4

Find more of my creations available for purchase here:

Watch what I’m creating, or create along with me here:







New Artist at AMNG – Kaye Gaudreau

by February 4, 2016

IMG_5535Local science teacher by day, Kaye Gaudreau’s inner-nerd comes out at night, when her creativity continues flowing into paper instead of people. Her artwork hearkens back to the iconic heroes of the 80’s and 90’s we grew up with, and her style matches the video games we loved (and still do!). Kaye hopes to remind us of a more innocent and care-free time, but through pieces that can hang on any wall in home or office.

Kaye is married, and she and her husband enjoy eating new foods and trying new restaurants, travelling, sci-fi and fantasy movies, Lego, and their one year old dog, Clover. 

If you have a character you’d like her to make, she also does custom orders!

Kaye’s company, Papél by Kaye, also does more traditional paper-crafting, such as wedding invitations, party favours, and decorations; debuts and birthday parties, and anything else that can be made with paper!

another new artisan at A Muse N Games – Daniel Odinson

by January 15, 2016

We are pleased to welcome Dan to the A Muse N Games family of artisans with his retro gaming creations.

Daniel Odinson

(formerly “Dan J. Gutwein Creations”)

It all started with wanting a piece of art to commemorate my wedding, to my most awesome wife, in 2011.  While I was growing up I always remembered seeing my grandparents wedding cake topper sitting in their china cabinet.  Made of plaster, painted.. it had, quite literally, lasted for decades.  SO, I combined my love of geekery, in this case Star Wars, some tongue in cheek humour, and my meager skills to create the Slave Leia & Jabba wedding cake.  My wife loved it.  Friends and family thought it was cool/hilarious.  The more people that saw it, the more I got asked, “Do you do this for a living?  Because if you don’t, you really should!”.. and that got me to thinkin’, “Could I actually make a go of doing stuff like this??”.  Four years later and, I’m not making my millions, or even thousands.  But people dig what I do, and I’ve sold a good chunk of my creations.

As it says on my Contact page, I hail from North of The Wall… Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.  White walkers everywhere. Seriously.

AndiDesigns by Jasmine – New Artist at A Muse N Games

by January 15, 2016

***UPDATE- We are currently showing Jasmine’s art in the store through March. From the Artist’s Etsy page:

“The inspiration for most of my works came from; scenes I came across, science fiction movies I had grown up watching, and animals I’ve always loved.They all painted pictures in my mind I had to get out into something i could share with others!”


Please welcome a new artist to A Muse N Games – we are currently selling her retro image coasters and look forward to a showing of her paintings in the new year.

“My name is Jasmine and creating art is one of my favorite hobbies. I put a lot of effort into coming up with new and exciting painting or craft ideas.
I love fantasy and comic book type painting. Things that I can see in my mind but I want to make exist on paper or canvas.
Reading comic books growing up made me notice the amount of creativity and colors that went into the artwork and characters.
I have a huge love for insects, animals and music.
I’m also intrigued by the earth and different stones and crystals that form. I love how certain stones will resonate with certain people and the different healing properties the stones have to offer. There are so many fascinating natural colors of rocks that I loved to see polished and put into my jewelry making.”

Want to be an A Muse N Games Artist or Artisan?

by November 4, 2014

A Muse N Games focuses on two things: games and sci-fi/fantasy art and we want a wide variety of artists and artisans featured in our store. The goal is to have a place where geek culture and art are celebrated all year round, not just at conventions. Please contact Scotia(at) for details on how to get your sci-fi/fantasy art, jewelry, crafts, etc sold at A Muse N Games.

Ian Sokoliwski – featured Oct 1- Jan 4

by January 23, 2015
Ian Sokoliwski

Ian Sokoliwski

Ian Sokoliwski is a Canadian freelance illustrator and artist. Working primarily as a comic book colourist.
He has been professionally involved in almost all aspects of comic book creation since 1997, working with studios and companies such as Digital Chameleon, Marvel, DC and Dark Horse Comics.
Ian is a frequent collaborator with comic book legend Bob Layton, colouring a multitude of commissioned artwork pieces as well as the webcomic Colony.
Ian also does a variety of comic and non-comic based work, including movie storyboards, design for posters, video games characters, toys and novel covers.
Ian has been branching more and more into the field of gothic photography and illustration, with his work being featured in Weird Tales magazine as well as on novel covers and poster designs.
Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, he is available for a variety of commissioned art projects.