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Nov 1 Update on the move and where you can find us

Update On the Move and Where we are NOW: Due to reasons beyond our control, our move into 1783 has been delayed. We hope to still move in soon, but we don’t have a fixed date of what “Soon” is. We will be opening Regular Hours at 1839 ½ Portage Ave in the meantime. This week features some long awaited releases: Thursday – A Game of Thrones – Lions of Casterly Rock Deluxe Set Thursday – Netrunner – Escalation Data Pack Friday – Dungeons and Dragons – Volo’s Guide to Monsters (WPN Exclusive Edition & Mass Market Versions) As we are open you can come and pick these up at your convenience. We know how important weekly organized play is to our customers, for the time being we’re still going to host organized play events at 1839 ½ Portage Ave. That means OP as usual for the following events (new events or time changes are in bold): Wednesday  6pm-8pm Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Encounters [Free] 6pm -10pm (New end time) Casual LCG Night Thursday 7pm Magic The Gathering Draft featuring 3x Kaladesh [$20 Entry Fee] 6pm-10pm Casual X-wing [Free!] Drop in and go PEW PEW! {No experience necessary, new players who want to learn are welcome} Friday 6:00PM – Close – Open Boardgaming / Friday Night Shenanigans [Free!] 6:30PM – FNM – Sealed (6x Kaladesh) [$36 Entry Fee]...

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C4 2016 and our new location – 1783 Portage Ave

***UPDATE – (November 1, 16) As of Nov 2 we are opening for special orders and holds and Organized play at the old location 1839 1/2 Portage Ave as the move to new location has been delayed a few days. New November Hours are in effect, we thank you all for your patience during this period of change. **** To our valued customers and friends, Many of you will know already but for those who don’t we will be closed from Oct 24 to Nov 1 for Comic con and our move to our new location – 1783 Portage Ave. Come visit us at Comic Con at Booth 432 Friday Oct. 28-Sunday Oct 30 for good deals, cool costumes and awesome games! The new store should be opening Nov 2 Wednesday at 11am but with November and the new store we are increasing our hours to the following **: Monday – Closed (this is the same) Tuesday – 5pm-1opm (this is new!!!) Wednesday 11am – 10pm (extended from 8pm) Thursday 11am -10pm Friday 11am – 11pm Saturday 11am-6pm Sunday 11am- 6pm **(these hours will be in effect even if the store move is delayed which is still a possibility due to some factors beyond our...

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THE MANA DORK – Quiet Speculation, Commander 2016 Edition

First things first—this weekend is Kaladesh Game Day! Come by the store for tourneys at noon (Facebook event) and 5 PM (Facebook event), where a $6 entry fee gets you a shot at some pretty nice alt-art cards for top-8 and top-32 finishes, as well as a gorgeous mat if you win it all! I don’t have much of a Standard brew going for this Game Day, but luckily, Commander 2016 is just around the corner—spoilers start next week on Monday October 24th, we’ll probably see the full decklists that Friday, October 28th, and the set of decks as a whole comes out Friday, November 11th. So it’s definitely time for some rampant Quiet Speculation! PREDICTION #1: A WHOLE LOTTA COLOUR-FIXING This is one of the easiest predictions to make, so let’s get it out of the way first. Commander 2016 has been confirmed to feature Magic’s first four-colour legendary creatures. (Nephilim, we hardly knew ye.) In order for the decks to be playable out of the box, they’re going to need to include many colour-fixing cards—cards that will ensure you have access to multiple colours of mana very easily. While I’ve seen some rampant quiet speculation that fetchlands like Flooded Strand will be included, I highly doubt this will be the case—they are quite expensive, and Wizards will not want to repeat the problem they had with Commander...

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Kaladesh Release Weekend

Kaladesh Releases tomorrow and we will be doing drafts at noon and 3:30pm. $20 gets you 3 packs and 1.5 packs per person into the prizing,  from which everyone gets a participation pack if they stay until the end of the event. We will be running Sealed at 6:30 using prerelease kits – $36 taxes in and you get a release weekend foil promo as well as a chance at FNM foils and your kit foil – its foil-a-palooza!! We will also be running our regular commander pods at 7:30 and 9:30 for $6 entry fee. Saturday at noon and 3:30 there will be more Kaladesh Drafts $20 per...

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THE MANA DORK-Highway To The Aether Zone

Normally, I kick off my columns about a new set with a series of puns related to upcoming card names or mechanics. However, this is Kaladesh, and it has already done a better job than I ever could:   It’s Kaladesh pre-release weekend at A Muse N Games, folks! Here’s what you need to know about the set. NEW MECHANICS: ENERGY, VEHICLES, AND FABRICATE Powered by the aether suffusing its atmosphere, Kaladesh is Magic’s most technologically-advanced plane yet. As a result, we’ve got three new mechanically-inclined mechanics on their way! Energy Energy is a new type of counter that’s placed on the players themselves, similar to poison counters and experience counters. Many cards in Kaladesh give you Energy, and Energy can be spent on anything that allows you to spend it. Note that, yes, every card that spends Energy has a way to give you Energy. There are some cards that give you Energy without having a way to spend it, but no Energy card in the set is dead on its own. When you’re playing Sealed at the pre-release, keep an eye out for the “Thriving” cycle of commons — Thriving Ibex, Thriving Turtle, Thriving Rats, Thriving Grubs, and Thriving Rhino. Each of these will give you two Energy when they enter the battlefield, and they’re solid creatures for their mana costs. If you’re building an Energy-based deck, having two or...

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