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Modern Masters 2017 League

Leauge starts April 2 at 2pm (Ends April 16 at 6pm) To tnter the league, a player gets 3 packs of Modern Masters 2017 for $35. Players will open three booster packs and use those boosters to build a 30-card deck. The league will...

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  • It’s 6pm and we already have 5 players out for Legion. We have a number of new players coming down tonight to learn ahead of this Saturday’s tournament.

If you’re curious and want to learn or discover Star Wars Legion, come on down!
  • We’re setting up at  #IKEAWinnipeg as part of @ikeacanada’s #IKEAPJParty!
Looking forward to meeting new folks and sharing games as part of tonight’s festivities!

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