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How to Play Civilization A New Dawn – First Turn

Welcome to this new column called First Turn where I’m going to teach you how to play Civilization A New Dawn by introducing a tutorial of sorts with step-by-step instructions on what to do on your first turn so that you can learn to play. I always find the most frustrating part of starting a new board game is that a manual will teach you how to set up and it says how to play out turns but once you have everything set up – what do you even do? So First Turn is going to be a series...

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This week in the news: literally nothing. Who wants a Commander deck tech? Nah, just kidding. We’re doing a grab bag of some quick reactions today, folks. Let’s dive in! MASTERS 25 IS THIS WEEKEND Frankly, I don’t know if they could have found a better 249 cards to make a single cohesive Magic set. Especially without shooting themselves in the foot in some way or another. “But T R E E O F R E D E M P T I O N,” you might scoff, and you’re well within your rights to do so. I know there’s...

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Masters 25 has got me. I admit it—I got hype. I have cast Hype as an equipment and paid the Equip cost. My static abilities are modified by Hype until state-based actions determine they are not. Why? Relentless Rats has been spoiled at common for Masters 25, and I couldn’t be happier. When I built my Shadowborn Apostles deck for Commander a while back, the biggest hurdle was the cost of the Apostles themselves. Sure, they’re common, but they’re from an older set, and when you need them, you need 30 or more of them. So I bit the...

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Masters 25 Preorders

Hey Magic players! You can still get a great deal on Masters 25 boxes You can pre-order Masters 25 box for $275 taxes-in if you pre-pay by March 11th! Call us at 204-415-1112 for details or visit us in store today! You can also see more information on Masters 25 drafts...

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  • Action from the 4th round of our Noon #Prerelease. 
Itching to experience more #Dominaria action? We have one final prerelease coming up at 6pm! We still have plenty of great seats left, come on down!

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  • Congrats to all of our Hardcore 24 #Brawl winners:
Participation draw (Jerry M) [Messenger Bag]
Most Games Played (Preston P) [Deveri Deck]
Most Wins, and your new Hardcore 24 Brawl Champion Tim H [Kaahlia Deck]
Stay tuned to find out how you can get in on the #mtg Brawl Action!

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