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THE MANA DORK—Is Wizards Taking Control of Commander?

Well, this is fascinating. We’re going to take a break from the Planeswalker Deck Challenge series (1, 2, 3) this week to talk about a recent announcement Wizards of the Coast has made, and what it could mean for Commander as a whole. Specifically: Wizards is going to be making 1v1 Commander on MTG Online a Thing. And this has Implications. (First, a very quick glossary of some terms that might not be familiar: MTG Online/”MTGO”: The official client for playing Magic online. Rules Committee/”RC”: The grassroots group of community members that currently governs the Commander format, making rule and banlist decisions. Duel Commander: A 1v1 rules variant of Commander with its own Rules Committee and its own banlist, very different from regular Commander. Controversially, they changed starting life totals from 30 to 20 last year. Popular in France, and sometimes called “French EDH”. Leviathan Commander: A format that splintered off from Duel Commander last year after the life total change. Leviathan Commander is roughly identical to Duel Commander, except it keeps the starting life total at 30. Popular in Italy. 1v1 Commander: Not currently an official format—just a term used to describe one-on-one Commander games on MTGO. But that may change.) This week, the official Wizards Tumblr page for Magic Online made the following announcement, which I will quote here in full: 30 LIFE FOR 1V1 COMMANDER The Modern Masters 2017 Edition deployment...

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THE MANA DORK—The Planeswalker Deck Challenge, Part 3

Get out your boxes of bulk, it’s time to start brewing! In the last two instalments of the Mana Dork, I’ve been talking about the Planeswalker Deck Challenge, where I competed with the Ajani Planeswalker Deck at Aether Revolt Game Day in order to demonstrate that the Planeswalker Decks could do more to set new players up for success. I was incredibly lucky—I opened Ajani Unyielding in one of the booster packs for the Ajani Planeswalker Deck, along with a Greenwheel Liberator and some excellent uncommons. With this, I went 1-3, with 3 game wins across 9 games—well above par for what people currently expect for a Planeswalker Deck. But I maintain that I shouldn’t have to be that lucky to get that win total. So in today’s edition of the Mana Dork, we’re going to brew our own Planeswalker Deck, following all of the restrictions Wizards sets for their official ones. Shall we? BREAKING IT DOWN The Planeswalker Decks follow a well-established structure: They promote the current set They feature a custom version of a Planeswalker in that set, tuned for casual play They include two copies of a custom rare card that tutors for that Planeswalker They include three copies of a custom uncommon permanent that gets a benefit when you control that Planeswalker They include four copies of a custom common card flavoured for that Planeswalker...

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Grand Prix Trials Farewell Tour 2017

Earlier this year, Wizards of the Coast announced that in store Grand Prix Trial events would be ending after Grand Prix Las Vegas. A Muse N Games will be the only store in Manitoba hosting Grand Prix Trials for both Grand Prix Montreal (May 19-21) and Grand Prix Las Vegas (June 14-18). To help send the Grand Prix Trials into retirement, we are happy to announce the Farewell Tour 2017! Magic the Gathering Grand Prix Trials Farewell Tour will be hosted by A Muse N Games consisting of 10 tournaments between March 25 and June 2. We will be running GPT Events for Standard, Legacy, Modern, and Limited.   Date Time Event Type Entry Fee (taxes included) Add this event to your Calendar Sat, March 25 Registration: 11:00 am First Round: 12:00 pm GPT Vegas Legacy $20 Facebook Google Sun, March 26 Registration: 11:00 am Deckbuilding: 12:00 pm GPT Vegas Limited Featuring Modern Masters 2017 $95 Facebook Google Mon, March 27 Registration: 6:00 pm First Round: 7:00 pm GPT Vegas Modern $20 Facebook Google Sun, April 9 Registration: 11:00 am First Round: 12:00 pm GPT Vegas Modern $20 Facebook Google Sun, April 16 Registration: 11:00 am First Round: 12:00 pm GPT Vegas Legacy $20 Facebook Google Sun, April 30 Registration: 11:00 am First Round: 12:00 pm GPT Montreal Standard $20 Facebook Google Sun, May 7 Registration: 11:00 am First...

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THE MANA DORK—The Planeswalker Deck Challenge, Part 2

THE MANA DORK—The Planeswalker Deck Challenge, Part 2 Well, I did better than I expected, but still not good enough. In the last installment of the Mana Dork, I said I would be taking the “Planeswalker Deck Challenge” — competing in Aether Revolt Game Day with only an Aether Revolt Planeswalker Deck and the contents of the two booster packs that came with it. I’m doing this because, as much as I love Magic and I love the idea of Planeswalker Decks, I think Wizards of the Coast can do a much better job of setting new players up to succeed with these introductory products. In preparation for Game Day, I picked up both the Tezzeret and Ajani Planeswalker Decks and did some preliminary testing with both. I felt it was important to give myself the best chance to succeed, in order to give the Planeswalker Decks the fairest possible showing. In testing, the Tezzeret deck seemed inconsistent. Some games, I’d spam out a bunch of cheap artifacts, get out the Efficient Construction I found in one of the packs, and win off of a Tezzeret activation or thopter beatdowns. Other times, I’d spam out a bunch of cheap artifacts, get out an Improvise finisher like Wind-Kin Raiders, and watch it eat a removal spell before I died. When I opened the booster packs from the Ajani deck, this...

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