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Standard Spring 9 Week Challenge

by February 16, 2017

Wizards of the Coast has challenged us to run 15 Standard tournaments in  9 weeks, and get a bunch of spiffy rewards for our players!


Alt Art Battle Lands from BFZ

When is the challenge?

February 13 – April 16, 2017

What do we have to do?

Run 15 Standard tournaments.

How are we going to accomplish this?

We normally run Standard on Tuesdays (at 7pm), so that takes care of 9 standard tournaments. We have to fit in 6 additional standard tournaments. We’ll be running some of them on the following dates:

  • Monday February 20, 1pm (Louis Riel Day)
  • Sunday March 5, 2 pm
  • Sunday March 12 2 pm
  • Saturday April 15, 2pm (Part of the Magic Open House!)

Additionally we are going to be offering “On Demand Standard Events“.
Any time we have 4 folks in store and they want to have a standard round robin tournament, we’ll fire it up. $6 per person, 1.5 packs per player into the prize pool. Each participant will get a booster at the conclusion of the round robin from the prize pool, the remaining packs go to the winner.

But how do players get the spiffy alt-art battle lands?

Players participating in Standard events between February 13 and April 16th will receive “Aether Revolt Standard Series” punch cards. After participating in 6 Standard Events, players can turn in their punch card to claim one of the 30 Alt art Battle Lands. Players may redeem  more than one completed punch card, while supplies last.

*Alt Art lands will be distributed  on a first come, first serve basis, until supplies are exhausted. The sooner you complete and hand in your card for 6 events the sooner you secure your Alt Art Battle Land [Example: John players in Events of 2/14, 2/20, 2/21, 2/28, 3/5, & 3/7 – he turns in his card and requests a Sunken Hollow on 3/7, when the Alt art cards come in, we would contact John and let him know his Sunken Hollow is ready for pick up!]

Any players who participate in 15 Standard events will be entered into a draw to win a special Amonket Playmat!

**Playmats and Alt-Art Battle Lands will be available to be picked up sometime in Mid April. Players will be contacted when they are available.


Aether Revolt Release Week

by January 19, 2017

Aether Revolt Logo
January 20th, 2017 the latest Magic the Gathering set is unleashed! Bringing more Aether, more Energy, more Vehicles, and an all new Mechanic, Revolt! Join us for the Aether Revolt release week!

Here is the Magic schedule this week that’s affected by the  Aether Revolt Release:

Thursday January 19th:
Draft 7pm: By popular request this draft will be wacky! Players can choose any three packs from our current in stock selection to draft with. Entry fee cost of 3 packs +$2 entry fee
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!


Participate in any events on January 20th, 21st, or 22nd and receive a special foil promo Quicksmith Rebel.

Friday January 20th:

Noon: Aether Revolt Draft
Players receive 2 packs of Aether Revolt & 1 Pack of Kaladesh, and draft the best 40 card deck they can.
Entry Fee $20
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!

3:30pm: Aether Revolt Draft
Players receive 2 packs of Aether Revolt & 1 Pack of Kaladesh, and draft the best 40 card deck they can.
Entry Fee $20
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!

6:30pm: Aether Revolt Sealed featuring Prerelease packs!
Players receive an Aether Revolt Prerelease kit that includes Foil Promo, Spindown Counter, 4 Packs of Aether Revolt and 2 Packs of Kaladesh.
Players will enjoy 4 rounds of swiss.
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!

7:30: Commander
Both casual and Competitive pods as usual.
Entry $6 per player.
Prizing: Casual Players each receive a Booster Pack for participating.
Competitive Players – prizing to the winner, prize TBD based on players entering. (8 or more players and a revised Dual will be up for grabs

9:30: Archenemy / Planechase Commander
Entry $6 per player.
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!

Saturday January 21st:

Noon: Aether Revolt Draft
Players receive 2 packs of Aether Revolt & 1 Pack of Kaladesh, and draft the best 40 card deck they can.
Entry Fee $20
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!

3:30pm: Aether Revolt Draft
Players receive 2 packs of Aether Revolt & 1 Pack of Kaladesh, and draft the best 40 card deck they can.
Entry Fee $20
Prizing: 1.5 Packs per player into the prize pool.
Each player playing through all swiss rounds receives a booster pack from the prize pool!

Sunday January 22nd: 

2:00 pm: Aether Revolt League
Players receive 2 Packs of Aether Revolt, 1 Pack of Kaladesh, and construct the best 30 card deck that they can!
After every 3 losses, or once each week, players can add an additional pack of Aether Revolt to their card pool for $6 taxes in per pack.
There is a weekly league meet-up Sundays from 2pm to 6pm. League players are welcome to play games in store any time the store is open.
Aether Revolt League will wrap up on Sunday February 19th.
Entry Fee: $20
Prizing: Various promos, foils, and other goodies, depending on total players involved in the league.

THE MANA DORK — The Revolt Will Not Be Televised

by January 12, 2017

Hello everyone! I hope your winter breaks were wonderful and relaxing, and that the Aether Revolt spoilers were the nicest-ever nutmeg in your holiday ‘nog.
We’ve got the Pre-Releases happening this Saturday, and Sunday so here’s everything you need to know!
Whir of Invention
Aether Revolt tells us the story of the Renegades’ struggles against the Consulate in their attempts to free up the supply of aether for the people of Kaladesh. Both sides have to get clever, canny, and creative in order to outsmart their opponents — and what better way to do that than to have a mechanic all about being clever, canny, and creative with artifacts?
Improvise lets you tap your artifacts to help cast a spell with Improvise — each artifact can tap for a single generic mana in the Improvise spell’s generic mana cost.
Improvise shares a lot of similarities with a previous mechanic, convoke — but note that Improvise does not help reduce coloured mana costs! Only the generic mana cost of a spell can be reduced by Improvise. So you can’t tap that adorable little Servo or that Implement of Invention for blue, unfortunately, as much as you might want to.
That being said, anything that reduces the cost of a spell is still a strong mechanic worth paying attention to. On average, I’d rate Improvise cards as if they costed 0.5-1.5 mana less than the printed cost on the card — and even less if you’ve got eight or more artifacts in your deck!
(Also, don’t forget you can tap artifacts that don’t normally tap for Improvise — if I get a Panharmonicon or an equipment like Torch Gauntlet in my Sealed pool, you can bet I’ll be tapping it to help cast an Improvise spell!)
Fatal Push
The Renegades have all lost something at the hands of Tezzeret, Baral and the Consulate. And like every angry person who’s been backed into a corner, they fight back more viciously as a result. Cue the Revolt mechanic.
Cards with Revolt check to see if a permanent you control has left the battlefield this turn. Lose a creature in combat? Revolt triggers. Sacrifice a Servo so Yahenni survives a boardwipe? Revolt triggers. Flicker something with Felidar Guardian? Revolt triggers. Bounce your own things to hand with Baral’s Expertise and re-cast one of them so you can get the Revolt trigger on it? You guessed it — Revolt triggers.
(In older formats — crack a fetchland? Revolt triggers.)
Make sure to save Revolt cards for your second main phase each turn, if you can — combat is one of the easiest ways to make sure you lose a permanent. And I’d keep an eye out for things that sacrifice themselves in your Sealed pool — there are many more than average in Aether Revolt, and they will each do a good job of enabling the Revolt mechanic. If I’ve got a couple of Revolt cards that I really want to make sure paid off, I’d like to have at least 6 things that sacrifice themselves, just to make sure I have a certain amount of reliability.
Yahenni's Expertise
Aether Revolt features a cycle of very strong “Expertise” spells associated with legendary creatures in the set that each do a thing, and then let you cast something for free.
I’m seeing some confusion online about precisely how they work, so I figured I’d clear it up here.
Here’s what happens when you cast an Expertise spell:

 1. Cast the Expertise. The Expertise is on the stack.

 2. Choose the free spell you will cast. Determine all targets and parameters of the free spell (note that X costs will be 0).

 3. The Expertise resolves and goes to the graveyard. The free spell is now cast and at the top of the stack.

 4. The free spell resolves and goes to the graveyard.
Important ways in which this is relevant for your Sealed pool —

 A. The servos from Sram’s Expertise will be on the battlefield in time to pay any Improvise costs on the free spell, or to sacrifice for the free spell.

 B. The creatures and artifacts you bounce with Baral’s Expertise will not be on the field when the free spell resolves and therefore cannot be the targets of the free spell or help pay for it with Improvise. However, if one of them was yours and it fits the criteria, you may now cast it as the free spell you get from Baral’s Expertise.

 C. If you attempt to cast Yahenni for free off of Yahenni’s Expertise, Yahenni will not see the creatures die from the Expertise and will not be buffed accordingly.

 D. You can cast a card you drew from Rishkar’s Expertise for free with that same Rishkar’s Expertise.
Hope this helps! If you have any questions, be sure to ask the Judge at your Pre-Release flight — they’ll be happy to help you.
Sweatworks Brawler
For the first time, A Muse N Games is hosting a Sunday pre-release event! (Kermit arms flailing)
Here are the Facebook events for each pre-release flight:

Make sure you book your spot as soon as possible, as they fill up quickly! (note from Scotia – Prereg ends tonight at 10pm Wednesday Jan 11 in store and online)

– – –

That’s it for me — I’ll see you at the tables!

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular contributor for A Muse N Games. He is totally Revolt-ing. Tune in every two weeks for the Mana Dork, his column on all things Magic!

THE MANA DORK – Impressions from Commander 2016 and AMNG Leagues!

by December 2, 2016

The Mana Dork
I am beginning to think I have previously been a tad too cute with the titles. Also, given that we’re doing a bit of a round-up today, it seems appropriate to simply call out the round-up, eh?

Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa


Who has two thumbs and called it? This guy.
Here’s what I said back in October, before Commander 2016 released:
“But what if Wizards decided to go wayyyyy out there, and design two creatures that could co-exist in the command zone?
It doesn’t require much of an adjustment to the rules—just increment your commander tax for each card individually, define your deck’s colour identity using the colour identity of the two commanders combined, and come up with a new mechanic that allows your new commanders to co-exist. And it opens up some interesting gameplay decisions about when you cast your commanders, and how.”
The mechanic I predicted was worded thusly:
Alliance (You may begin the game with up to two creatures with alliance in the command zone.)
It differs from the actual Partner mechanic in that it defines the cards themselves as commanders—which, you know, probably should happen if we’re going to play a format called Commander. But other than that, I was almost word-for-word correct with my craziest prediction!

Okay, enough self-regard. You’re here for impressions.

The decks themselves are quite good. I’ve played one game with Kynaios and Tiro and several games with Saskia, and generally speaking, I have all four colours between turns 4-6 or so. I have yet to truly be mana-screwed.
Wizards has done an excellent job in constructing the decklists—they needed to make sure the decks had equal access to all of their colours with relative frequency, without reprinting expensive, in-demand cards like fetchlands that would have made it easy to do so. And they have succeeded.

Additionally, the decks contain many Commander staples—hello, Chromatic Lantern! Hello, Ghostly Prison!—making sure that they can hold their own against a variety of custom-brewed lists.

The Partners mechanic is extremely novel, and it’s going to take a while to figure out. I have a strong feeling that Partner commanders are going to be much better at the head of decks that don’t rely on the commander, than ones where the commander is central.

Shadowborn Apostle

To give you an example, here’s the latest iteration of my Shadowborn Apostle deck, now featuring Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa and Tymna the Weaver in front.
This is a combo-ish deck—get six Apostles on the field, sacrifice them, bring out Rune-Scarred Demon, bring out Thrumming Stone, get every Apostle on the field, do Fun Things™ with them. Previously, it has featured Athreos, Little Teysa, and Karador as commanders.
It had a problem, though—I never had enough draw, or enough to do in the middle of the game.
Sidar and Tymna help me solve that problem. They don’t need to be out for the deck to function, but having them both lets me poke people with Apostles and draw 3-4 extra cards a turn, which greatly helps with the velocity of the deck. See more cards, cast more Apostles, combo off more quickly.
This is where I think Partners will do best—as supports for their deck, rather than as keystones.

Glimmer of Genius

(This section is going to be much shorter—mostly because I don’t have neat predictions to preen over.)
I spent a bit of time in the Kaladesh Playtest League in recent weeks, and it was an absolute blast!
If you’re not familiar, here’s the deal with League play, in brief:
Start with three booster packs.
Build a 30-card deck using cards from those packs and land from the store.
Play with as many different people as you can over multiple weeks. Matches consist of a single game, with one free mulligan.
Each week, and after every third loss, you may buy an additional booster to add cards to your card pool and rebuild your deck.
Have fun!
In practice, it felt like “mini-Sealed”. I was stretching all those good Limited muscles, looking for synergies and assessing card playability—but there was much less pressure, because of the casual, fun-focused nature of the league.
And I have to say, it’s also pretty fun knowing that, with three rares and only room for 17 or so non-land cards in your pool, you’ve got a pretty high likelihood of drawing an awesome bomb in almost every game.
In short—built, played, had a blast. Cannot recommend enough.

Argothian Enchantress

And if you’re excited by the idea of League play—good news, everyone!
AMNG is doing an Eternal Masters League for three Sundays in December! At 2 PM on the 4th, 11th, and 18th, you can buy into the league for $40, netting you three Eternal Masters boosters and a chance at glory. EMA boosters will also be available at a special discounted rate of $15 per booster when bought for League play, so come on in!
Also, AMNG has announced that they’ve started doing… SUNDAY pre-releases. (Ooooooh)
Starting with Aether Revolt in January, the store will host a 6 PM Sunday pre-release, alongside the midnight Friday and noon and 5 PM Saturday pre-releases! MOAR MAGIC, amirite?
See you in the store!

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular contributor to A Muse N Games. Tune in every two weeks for The Mana Dork, his column about all things Magic!

Eternal Masters League

by November 26, 2016

Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters League
When: December 4, 11, 18
Start Time: 2pm

To Enter the league, a player gets 3 packs of Eternal Masters for $40.

  • Players will open three booster packs and use those boosters to build a 30-card deck.
  • The league will last three weeks. (Players may enter the league at any point during the league)
  • Every week, players will add a booster pack to their pool, rebuilding as often as players would like. Players can also add a booster after three losses. (EMA League Boosters are only $15)
  • Matches consist of a single game. Each player gets one free mulligan at the start of the game.
  • Players will play against each other, earning Planeswalker Points and, of course, bragging rights.

Black Friday Sale 2016

by November 25, 2016

Here our are Black Friday (November 25) 2016 Sale offerings: (Cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts)

  • Ophidian 2350 – 3 Starters & Box of Boosters for $30 Regular retail = $150
  • Eternal Masters – Price Match! $12 per booster, or $325 for a box. (Down from $17.69per / 450 for a box)
  • Elysium Board Game – $45  35% off regular price! regular price $70
  • Pandemic Legacy Red Box $60 – 29% off regular price of $85
  • All previous played games 25% off.
  • All Dice Masters Singles 50% off
  • Dice Masters Worlds Finest Starters and boosters 25% off.
  • L5R Evil Portents Booster Box 50% Off ($50 down from $100)
  • All Axis and Allies Miniatures (singles, maps, and starters) 75% Off.
  • All Heroclix packs and singles 50% off.

Also, the highly sought after Magic The Gathering: Planechase Anthology goes on sale for $190. Purchase your Planechase Anthology on Black Friday, and receive a bonus booster pack of Eternal Masters.

Tuesday Night Standard Magic

by November 26, 2016

Mtg logo

Starting Tuesday November 8, and running every Tuesday at 7pm is our new night for Standard!

The regular weekly event is:

Tuesdays, 7pm. $6 Entry fee. Capped at 3 rounds of swiss.
1.5 Packs per player are put into the prize pool.
Each player who stays for all three rounds of swiss gets a pack!
The remaining are split among the top players.
November 8 will feature a special launch tournament:

Entry Fee = $20

4 Rounds of Swiss, no cut.

Each player entering the tournament will receive a playmat, and an additional two packs go into the prize pool!

Anyone who plays through all 4 rounds will receive a booster pack no matter how they do! The remaining packs will be split among the top players.

See you for Tuesday Night Standard!

Special 09/23 Commander Rules

by September 17, 2016


Magic the Gathering players have frequently commented “I wish I could play with Conspiracies in Commander.” We’ve heard that request, and we’re going to make it a reality.

Friday September 23 will be a special one night commander event! Commander players will get this one time opportunity to play with Conspiracies in Commander.

Special Deck building rules are as follows:

  • Players will have the option to use up to 5 points worth of Conspiracies in their command zone.
    • Mythic Rare conspiracies are worth 5 Points
    • Rare Conspiracies are worth 4 Points
    • Uncommon Conspiracies are worth 2 Points
    • Common Conspiracies are worth 1 Point

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to enter?
$6, just like a usual FNM Commander

Do I have to play conspiracy commander?
You don’t. Players who don’t want to participate in Conspiracy Commander will be placed in pods with other players who don’t wish to participate in Conspiracy Commander.

What is the prizing?
Casual Commander prizing is each player gets a booster or $5 in store credit for participating (their choice). FNM Foils are given out for Style Points, and for this event, creativity will be rewarded.

Magic Kaladesh Prerelease Events!

by October 22, 2016

Saheeli Rai welcomes you to KaladeshKaladesh

Sealed Deck Event – Magic Kaladesh Prerelease
Each participating player receives 6 boosters, 1 foil prerelease promo, and 1 DIY Thopter!

$35 early bird rates end September 21 at 8pm.
Regular registration will be $40 September 22 and 23 or at the door.
There will be 3 available flights – midnight, noon and 5pm
Each flight will feature 4 swiss rounds, and prizes will be handed out following the 4th round.

2 Packs per player go into the prize pool.

Each player staying through all swiss rounds will receive 1 booster.
The remaining boosters will be shared by players with 1 or fewer losses.


Eventbrite - Kaladesh Midnight Prerelease

Eventbrite - Kaladesh Noon Prerelease

Eventbrite - Kaladesh 5PM Prerelease

Stellar Evolution Designs – Now at A Muse N Games!

by July 21, 2016

Brenda Slayer
My name is Brenda and I am the Creative Mastermind behind Stellar Evolution Designs!
My strange and geeky business was born out of a love of crafting, science fiction and horror as well as a need to find a career that would be flexible enough to accommodate living with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

In My Blood

I decided with my knitting experience, and so much Mennonite quilting and sewing blood pumping through my veins, to start on a journey of using those traditional textile art skills to create unusual geeky and gory coin purses, bags, purses, scarves, hats, plush weaponry, oven mitts, tea towels, mens and womens clothing and many other practical goods so fans can flaunt their favourite fandoms, animals, or patterns everyday!

Being able to design fabrics and have them printed it makes it so much fun to customize orders as well!

I can now almost make anything from fabric, yarn or even 3D printed!

Win Win for All!

I do have a passion to advocate for those with MS (like me) live better lives so I choose to donate $1 from every purchase to the MS Society of Canada. Donations are pooled into my MS Walk Team, Scrambled Legs, fundraising efforts each year!

So come on down to A Muse N Games to sneak a peek at my handmade geekery and gore, add it to your gift registry or come out and say hi at the next event-I would LOVE to geek out with you!

Spike 4

Find more of my creations available for purchase here:

Watch what I’m creating, or create along with me here: