Month: January 2018

THE MANA DORK – Driving Standard Bans

Four Standard bans! You know you have a crippling caffeine addiction when Wizards of the Coast bans four cards in Standard and you’re like, ayyy, an excuse for coffee! Gotta rewrite your column in time for that deadline! And by coffee, I mean energy drink. And by energy drink, I mean… okay, I mean like a few of them. It’s fine, I swear. Just don’t do what I do. These are unwise choices that I make. Anyway. Standard bans. Soapbox, please! Standard bans on the run! Following a particularly pellucid Standard season, in which Energy decks put up an...

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THE MANA DORK – Thoughts on Unstable, Challenger Decks, and More

Before I get into my thoughts on Unstable —a note on my absence. Several projects kicked into high gear towards the end of 2017, leaving me little time to write about our favourite brand of wizard poker, and for my silence here I truly apologize. Brian and Scotia have been kind enough to keep the lights on for me, and I appreciate them greatly. Thanks to you, too, for sticking around. It’s not nothing, and I appreciate it. Now, let’s see how long it takes me to shake this rust off. I have Thoughts™! FIRST, GO PLAY UNSTABLE Quickly!...

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  • Action from the 4th round of our Noon #Prerelease. 
Itching to experience more #Dominaria action? We have one final prerelease coming up at 6pm! We still have plenty of great seats left, come on down!

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  • Congrats to all of our Hardcore 24 #Brawl winners:
Participation draw (Jerry M) [Messenger Bag]
Most Games Played (Preston P) [Deveri Deck]
Most Wins, and your new Hardcore 24 Brawl Champion Tim H [Kaahlia Deck]
Stay tuned to find out how you can get in on the #mtg Brawl Action!

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