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Eternal Masters League

by November 26, 2016

Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters League
When: December 4, 11, 18
Start Time: 2pm

To Enter the league, a player gets 3 packs of Eternal Masters for $40.

  • Players will open three booster packs and use those boosters to build a 30-card deck.
  • The league will last three weeks. (Players may enter the league at any point during the league)
  • Every week, players will add a booster pack to their pool, rebuilding as often as players would like. Players can also add a booster after three losses. (EMA League Boosters are only $15)
  • Matches consist of a single game. Each player gets one free mulligan at the start of the game.
  • Players will play against each other, earning Planeswalker Points and, of course, bragging rights.

Black Friday Sale 2016

by November 25, 2016

Here our are Black Friday (November 25) 2016 Sale offerings: (Cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts)

  • Ophidian 2350 – 3 Starters & Box of Boosters for $30 Regular retail = $150
  • Eternal Masters – Price Match! $12 per booster, or $325 for a box. (Down from $17.69per / 450 for a box)
  • Elysium Board Game – $45  35% off regular price! regular price $70
  • Pandemic Legacy Red Box $60 – 29% off regular price of $85
  • All previous played games 25% off.
  • All Dice Masters Singles 50% off
  • Dice Masters Worlds Finest Starters and boosters 25% off.
  • L5R Evil Portents Booster Box 50% Off ($50 down from $100)
  • All Axis and Allies Miniatures (singles, maps, and starters) 75% Off.
  • All Heroclix packs and singles 50% off.

Also, the highly sought after Magic The Gathering: Planechase Anthology goes on sale for $190. Purchase your Planechase Anthology on Black Friday, and receive a bonus booster pack of Eternal Masters.

Aether Revolt Prereleases January 14 & 15

by January 19, 2017


We are excited to announce that we are now adding a 6pm SUNDAY prerelease!!
Below are the details of all our prereleases for this new set as well as links to event brite if you want to secure your spot without a trip down to the store.

 Aether revolt prereleases will start promptly with deck construction at the listed start times. Price is $35 taxes in if you register before 10pm Wednesday January 11, or if you register for multiple events at once  in store (midnight, noon, 5pm and introducing 6pm Sunday!) At the door for one event is $40 (or after 10pm on Wednesday January 11 until even starts).

Each participating player will receive a special prerelease pack containing 4 packs of Aether Revolt along with 2 Packs of Kaldesh.
Two Aether Revolt booster packs per player will be placed into the prize pool. Any player who plays through all four rounds of swiss receives an Aether Revolt booster pack from the prize pool.

Preview the Aether Revolt cards here:

Register in store or online through Eventbrite:
Saturday January 14:

Sunday January 15
Sunday 6pm:


Tuesday Night Standard Magic

by November 26, 2016

Mtg logo

Starting Tuesday November 8, and running every Tuesday at 7pm is our new night for Standard!

The regular weekly event is:

Tuesdays, 7pm. $6 Entry fee. Capped at 3 rounds of swiss.
1.5 Packs per player are put into the prize pool.
Each player who stays for all three rounds of swiss gets a pack!
The remaining are split among the top players.
November 8 will feature a special launch tournament:

Entry Fee = $20

4 Rounds of Swiss, no cut.

Each player entering the tournament will receive a playmat, and an additional two packs go into the prize pool!

Anyone who plays through all 4 rounds will receive a booster pack no matter how they do! The remaining packs will be split among the top players.

See you for Tuesday Night Standard!

1783 Portage is NOW OPEN!!!

by November 5, 2016

Come visit us at our new location we’re still moving in over the weekend but it’s getting close 🙂 Please come and visit us and check out our new digs!

Thanks to everyone for your patience through this process and for all the help and love, it is truly appreciated.

Scotia and Brian

Nov 1 Update on the move and where you can find us

by November 1, 2016


Update On the Move and Where we are NOW:

Due to reasons beyond our control, our move into 1783 has been delayed. We hope to still move in soon, but we don’t have a fixed date of what “Soon” is. We will be opening Regular Hours at 1839 ½ Portage Ave in the meantime.

This week features some long awaited releases:

Thursday – A Game of Thrones – Lions of Casterly Rock Deluxe Set
Thursday – Netrunner – Escalation Data Pack

Friday – Dungeons and Dragons – Volo’s Guide to Monsters (WPN Exclusive Edition & Mass Market Versions)
As we are open you can come and pick these up at your convenience.

We know how important weekly organized play is to our customers, for the time being we’re still going to host organized play events at 1839 ½ Portage Ave.

That means OP as usual for the following events
(new events or time changes are in bold):

 6pm-8pm Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Encounters [Free]
6pm -10pm (New end time) Casual LCG Night

7pm Magic The Gathering Draft featuring 3x Kaladesh [$20 Entry Fee]
6pm-10pm Casual X-wing [Free!] Drop in and go PEW PEW!
{No experience necessary, new players who want to learn are welcome}

6:00PM – Close – Open Boardgaming / Friday Night Shenanigans [Free!]
6:30PM – FNM – Sealed (6x Kaladesh) [$36 Entry Fee]
7:30 – FNM Commander Flight 1 Casual & Competitive [$6 Entry Fee]
9:30 – FNM Commander Flight 2 Archenemy / Planechase [$6 Entry Fee]

Noon – Magic The Gathering Draft featuring 3x Kaladesh [$20 Entry Fee]
1pm – Conquest – Tournament Kit [Entry Fee $6]
2pm – Dice Masters Rainbow Draft [ Entry Fee Approx 12x packs]

11:30AM – D&D 5th Edition Encounters [Spend $2 or more in store to participate]
Noon – Star Wars Armada – [Kit & Entry fee TBD based on # of players]
1pm – Imperial Assault – [$6 Entry Fee ]
2pm – Magic The Gathering Kaladesh Playtest League [New! $20]