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Stellar Evolution Designs – Now at A Muse N Games!

by July 21, 2016

Brenda Slayer
My name is Brenda and I am the Creative Mastermind behind Stellar Evolution Designs!
My strange and geeky business was born out of a love of crafting, science fiction and horror as well as a need to find a career that would be flexible enough to accommodate living with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

In My Blood

I decided with my knitting experience, and so much Mennonite quilting and sewing blood pumping through my veins, to start on a journey of using those traditional textile art skills to create unusual geeky and gory coin purses, bags, purses, scarves, hats, plush weaponry, oven mitts, tea towels, mens and womens clothing and many other practical goods so fans can flaunt their favourite fandoms, animals, or patterns everyday!

Being able to design fabrics and have them printed it makes it so much fun to customize orders as well!

I can now almost make anything from fabric, yarn or even 3D printed!

Win Win for All!

I do have a passion to advocate for those with MS (like me) live better lives so I choose to donate $1 from every purchase to the MS Society of Canada. Donations are pooled into my MS Walk Team, Scrambled Legs, fundraising efforts each year!

So come on down to A Muse N Games to sneak a peek at my handmade geekery and gore, add it to your gift registry or come out and say hi at the next event-I would LOVE to geek out with you!

Spike 4

Find more of my creations available for purchase here:

Watch what I’m creating, or create along with me here:







Eldritch Moon Launch Weekend

by July 20, 2016

Strange things are brewing this weekend, as Eldritch Moon releases and unleashes the full madness of Zombies Vs. Eldrazi!

EN_MTGEMN_LREldritch Moon Launch Weekend PromoParticipate in any of the following events, and receive an alternate art foil Identity Thief!

Noon Booster Draft (2x EMN, 1x SOI) $20
3:30 Booster Draft (2x EMN, 1x SOI) $20
6:30 Sealed Featuring Prerelease kits! (Each kit contains 4xEMN 2xSOI + a foil promo & foil token) $36
7:30 Commander (Casual or Competitive) $6
9:30 Commander (Planechase)$6

Noon Booster Draft (2x EMN, 1x SOI) $20
3:30 Booster Draft (2x EMN, 1x SOI) $20

For Sealed and Booster Draft events Events prizing is 1.5 packs per person into the prize pool, with each player who plays through all rounds of swiss receiving a prize pack.

Open Late Thursday Night/Friday Morning
Can’t wait to pick up your Eldritch Moon? We’ll be open from Midnight to 00:30 Friday morning for those who can’t wait to crack packs!
Also, for this week (07/21), our Thursday Night Draft will be a Wacky, where players can draft with any 3 packs of their choice, including Modern & Eternal Masters. Entry fee will be cost of packs + $2, prizing will be 1.5 standard packs per player.

Dungeon Masters Wanted!

by July 6, 2016


Have you ever wanted to tell the story of brave (or not so brave) adventurers as they fought the dragon and saved the village? Now is your chance!

We run Dungeons and Dragons Wednesday from 6pm-8pm and Sundays from 11am to 3pm. We are presently seeking interested volunteer Dungeon Masters for Wednesday Nights, and as occasional backups for Sundays.

What you get:
– Access to all the official Fifth Edition D&D Adventures League Adventures
– Dungeon Master exclusive spiffs and appreciation.

What you need:
– Knowledge of D&D 5th Edition. (Knowledge of previous versions of D&D while not necessary, is an asset)
– Patience, and willingness to work with new players. Many of our Wednesday players are first time players to either D&D and/or 5th Edition.
– A sense of humor & fun.

– No previous experience is necessary, if you are wanting to learn to be a Dungeon Master, we can certainly help with that.

Interested DM’s can email/call/facebook message us.

For more information on Adventures League, read the information under “What is Adventures League” in the following post: