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by April 28, 2016
The Mana Dork
Epiphany at the Drownyard
Hey, everyone! It’s time for your favourite Limited puzzle and mine, Pick a Pack of Pickled Commons!
This time ’round, we’re going to investigate Shadows over Innistrad. Now, I had a bit of an Epiphany at the Drownyard a while back, and decided to switch things up for Shadows. Madness, right? Hopefully, these Pieces of the Puzzle aren’t too hard to put together!
(Scotia Is Going To Kill Me For This Pun Count: 4)
Ember-Eye Wolf
Today, we’re going to talk about Sealed.
In Sealed play, you take six booster packs and construct the best 40-card deck you can out of what they contain. No drafting, passing, picking, or trading — it’s just you and those six packs. As a result, building for Sealed is a little bit of a different process than drafting, or Constructed deckbuilding.
Your deckbuilding priorities will shift a tiny bit from the BREAD acronym I’ve discussed in the past. Everyone gets at least six rares or mythics and 18 uncommons in their pool (possibly more with the guaranteed transform card in each Shadows booster), so compared to drafting, you’re going to be facing some big bombs more often. In turn, removal becomes more important as well — whether they’re bounce, burn, or kill spells, having some way to deal with your opponent’s Reaper of Flight Moonsilver is going to be very important.
(Scotia Is Going To Kill Me For This Pun Count: Still 4. What, do I look crazy?)
So those are the two big key things you’ll be looking for when you look at your pool — bombs and removal. They’ll determine what kind of deck you build — if you have a really good bomb or two, it’s best to play a control deck, as that gives you more time to get to the bomb and more time with it on the field once you find it. Similarly, if you don’t open a lot of bombs, it may be better just to build a fast, low-curve aggro deck, so you can race the opponent and hopefully claw down their life total before they can play their big, game-winning card.
(Scotia Is Going To Kill Me For This Pun Count: … 4.5)
With that in mind, here’s your pool! As is tradition, I’ve purchased these packs right from A Muse N Games. Rarities are noted as follows: C (common), U (uncommon), R (rare), M (mythic), T (guaranteed transform card in each booster).
Pack 1
T: Gatstaf Arsonists (C) (transforms into Gatstaf Ravagers)
Pack 2
T: Solitary Hunter (C) (transforms into One of the Pack)
Pack 3
T: Thraben Gargoyle (U) (transforms into Stonewing Antagonizer)
Pack 4
T: Solitary Hunter (C) (transforms into One of the Pack)
Pack 5
T: Aberrant Researcher (U) (transforms into Perfected Form)
T: Westvale Abbey (R) (transforms into Ormendahl, Profane Prince)
Pack 6
T: Thraben Gargoyle (U) (transforms into Stonewing Antagonizer)
So! There’s your pool, folks! Out of this warped landscape of cards, which mythic rare do you build around — the mighty Sorin and his army of Vampire Knights, or the Ulvenwald Hydra and the huge vessels’ worth of extra werewolves in red and green? Let me know in the Facebook comments for this post, and I’ll talk about them in the next edition of The Mana Dork!

Whichever one you choose, I eagerly await the trail of evidence (and the catalog of sweet Sealed decks) that will result from your ongoing investigation into this puzzle! Aim high, folks!

(Scotia Is Going To 
Kill Me For This Pun Count: 10.5. I couldn’t hold back any longer. It seems I’ve gone… mad… )

Jesse Mackenzie is a regular contributor to A Muse N Games. Tune in every two weeks for The Mana Dork, his column about investigating all the possibilities of Magic.

International Table Top Day 2016

by April 24, 2016


Saturday April 30 is International Table Top Day. We will have a variety of games, demos and draws for prizes throughout the day.

It is also the last day of our spring cleaning sale so select titles will be 30% off.

THE MANA DORK— Hungry Like The Wolves

by April 13, 2016

The Mana Dork
It’s good to have goals.

Ulvenwald Hydra

Way back in January, I wrote about my three New Year’s Magic Resolutions for 2016—go undefeated at a draft, win a pod of Competitive Commander, and top-8 a Pre-Release or Games Day. Continue reading