Month: February 2016

LCG Nights at A Muse N Games

Every Wednesday starting at 6pm we will be holding LCG (Living Card Game) nights. All LCGs are welcome, Netrunner, Conquest WH40K, A Game of Thrones, Doomtown to name a few. There will be tables and people to play with at no...

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  • It’s been a great day meeting and working with educators from across #Manitoba for today’s #MTSPDDay!
Thanks to G.A.M.E. for inviting us to participate.
  • Thanks to everyone who came by our learn to play #Pokémon event today! 
We’d like to hear from you, what would you like to see next?
-More learn to play sessions.
-Semi-Regular in store play.

#Learntoplay #communityday #ccg #cardgame #pikachu⚡

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