Month: February 2016

Sub-Standard: Burn Beneath My Genius By James Edwards

Are you the type of player who likes to show off not only your own skill at Magic, but the immense prowess of your creatures? Well, here’s a budget deck for you: Burn Beneath My Genius.   Creatures 4x Mage-Ring Bully 4x Umara Entangler 4x Monastery Swiftspear 4x Stormchaser Mage 16 Total Non-Creatures 3x Fiery Impulse 4x Slip Through Space 4x Titan’s Strength 3x Treasure Cruise 4x Anticipate 4x Kindled Fury 22 Total  Lands 11x Mountain 11x Island 22 Total  So the concept behind this deck is pretty simple, but the intricacies are what make it fun to play. The way to pilot this deck is: get creatures then cast non-creature spells. All of your creatures cost either one or two mana, so getting an early board presence shouldn’t be an issue for this deck. Once you’ve established a couple creatures, all you have to do is drop your non-creature spells (which are equally as cheap) and just beat your opponent into quick submission. Cards like Slip Through Space and Kindled Fury either let you completely avoid blockers or they let you come out alive after a block. Treasure Cruise can refill your hand and Anticipate can help dig for a crucial card in a tight spot (or it can just be another Prowess trigger).  As for sideboarding, the choices are fairly open. Tears of Valakut and Roast are...

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LCG Nights at A Muse N Games

Every Wednesday starting at 6pm we will be holding LCG (Living Card Game) nights. All LCGs are welcome, Netrunner, Conquest WH40K, A Game of Thrones, Doomtown to name a few. There will be tables and people to play with at no charge, come out and share your favorite LCG with others.    ...

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Shadows Over Innistrad Prereleases

For Shadows Over Innistrad we are doing something a little different for these prereleases we are introducing online registration. Pricing will increase as we get closer to the event so register early before all the spots fill up. Prices are as follows: Register before 8pm on March 5th – $30 Register after March 5th but before March 30 at 8pm – $35 Register at the door $40* all prices include taxes. *If you decided to do additional flights at the door they will be $5 off = $35 Here are the links to preregister online, registration at the same price is...

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The Mana Dork – OGW PPPC Jesse’s Picks

THE MANA DORK—Pick A Pack Of Pickled Commons: Oath of the Gatewatch—Jesse’s Picks It is time to channel the leylines, align our hedrons, and make our picks for the Oath of the Gatewatch edition of Pick a Pack of Pickled Commons! In part 1 of the OGW PPPC (acronyms FTW!), your piles looked like this: Yup, that there’s a planeswalker. But is it a pack-1 pick-1? Ben Fleisher sends in the following picks: “Nissa, Birthing Hulk into Seed Guardian. OGW green is good. BFZ green is bad. You want to pick up your main colour, which will probably be Green in OGW, and whatever splash cards you can. Then solidify that in BFZ, where Black and White and Blue are all top notch. Green/Red is usually a trap though.” (To explain a term briefly: “splashing” is when you add a third or fourth colour to your deck in small amounts. It’s typically done when you pick up a really bomb-y card that’s not in your colours.) Looking back at the piece on the BREAD acronym I wrote last year, Ben’s grabbing the biggest bomb in pack 1 and then staying in-colour for picks 2 and 3. He’s steering clear of some of the removal in the packs, grabbing the two most difficult-to-remove threats instead. And I don’t think he’s wrong to do so. Sure, Birthing Hulk and Seed Guardian...

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New Artist at AMNG – Kaye Gaudreau

Local science teacher by day, Kaye Gaudreau’s inner-nerd comes out at night, when her creativity continues flowing into paper instead of people. Her artwork hearkens back to the iconic heroes of the 80’s and 90’s we grew up with, and her style matches the video games we loved (and still do!). Kaye hopes to remind us of a more innocent and care-free time, but through pieces that can hang on any wall in home or office. Kaye is married, and she and her husband enjoy eating new foods and trying new restaurants, travelling, sci-fi and fantasy movies, Lego, and their...

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  • Congrats to all of our Hardcore 24 #Brawl winners:
Participation draw (Jerry M) [Messenger Bag]
Most Games Played (Preston P) [Deveri Deck]
Most Wins, and your new Hardcore 24 Brawl Champion Tim H [Kaahlia Deck]
Stay tuned to find out how you can get in on the #mtg Brawl Action!

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  • It’s 1am... #Winnipeg’s first Harcore 24 Brawl is going strong. Come down and be part of #MtG History!

This event runs until 6pm today!

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