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December Events Calendar and Holiday Hours

by November 29, 2015

****We will be open Mondays and Tuesdays for the month of December and we will be closed Monday December 28-Friday January 1 for Inventory and our Holidays.*****

December Events Calendar
Monday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Tuesday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Wednesday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Wednesday 4pm – UFS casual play
Wednesday 6pm – D&D Encounters
Thursday 12-3pm – Midday Magic
Thursday 6:00pm – Pathfinder Society
Thursday 6:30pm – Standard $6 entry Fee
Thursday 7pm – Lady Planeswalker Society
Thursday 7pm – Draft $20.00 Entry Fee (1.5 packs of prizing per entrant)
Friday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Friday 6pm – Friday Night Shenanigans (open board gaming)
Friday 6:30pm – FNM Sealed – $34.50 entry fee
Friday 7:30pm – FNM Commander 1st flight for Competitive* and Casual $6 entry fee
Friday 9:30pm – FNM Commander 2nd flight Casual $6 Entry fee
Saturday 12pm – MTG Draft – this occurs weekly unless preempted by bigger magic event eg prerelease, PPTQ, GPT
Sunday 11am – D&D Expeditions – Seating is on a first come first serve basis with table caps set by the DM for each table
*See for details on Competitive commander

Saturday Dec 5 1pm – Dice Masters – players Choice
Sunday  Dec 6th 1pm – Netrunner $6 entry fee
Wednesday Dec 9 5pm – Netrunner Monthly Casual get together
Saturday Dec 12 1pm – Dice Masters DC war of light Rainbow Draft
Saturday Dec 12 1pm – Imperial Assault $6 entry fee
Saturday Dec 12 2pm – 7 wonders Tournament $6 entry fee
Sunday Dec 13 1pm – Xwing tournament $6 entry fee
Thursday Dec 17 7pm – CONSPIRACY DRAFT – this replaces regular draft
Saturday Dec 19 11am reg, 11:30 start time – Armada League $6 entry fee
Saturday Dec 19 1pm – Netrunner Core only  tournament $6 entry fee
Sunday Dec 20 1pm – Conquest $6 entry fee
Saturday Dec 26 noon – WACKY draft – choose your 3 packs from our stock
Saturday Dec 26 12-8 – Bring out your loots OPEN GAMING all day – FREE
Sunday Dec 27 noon – Game of Thrones $6 entry
Sunday Dec 27 12-6 Family Games day – OPEN GAMING FREE

Holiday Hours:
Dec 17th we will close at 9pm to attend the Force Awakens – we figured you’d all understand  😛
Dec 24 – 11-4
Dec 25 – closed
Dec 27 – 11-6 (reg hours)
Dec 28 – Jan 1 – CLOSED
Dec 2 Saturday regular hours resume

THE MANA DORK—No! My Spiders! Nooooo! by Jesse Mackenzie

by January 15, 2016

The Mana Dork

I have to say, the Commander 2015 decks have been a good experience so far.


Okay, so Scotia hasn’t killed me for that pun. (Yet.) That’s good. We can keep going.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth

As is tradition, Wizards of the Coast released five new pre-constructed Commander decks earlier this month. (Commander, in case I haven’t gushed about it enough, is a variant of Magic where 3-5 players go head-to-head with 100-card decks, 40 life, and a “commander” — a legendary creature that they can always cast.) Continue reading

Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release

by January 25, 2016

Magic the Gathering Oath of the GatewatchThe story that begun in Battle for Zendikar concludes in Oath of the Gatewatch.
You can get a sneak preview by participating in the Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-release. There are three flights  you can choose from:

January 16th – Midnight
January 16th – Noon
January 16th – 5pm

Preregistration is now open!

Earlybird Preregister* one flight $30
Preregister** for one flight $35
Preregister** for two or more flights $30 each
At the door one flight $40, $35 for each additional at the door flight.
*Earlybird Preregistration closes 6pm November 30th 2015.
**Preregistration closes Wednesday January 13th 2016 8pm.


Continue reading

THE MANA DORK—Pick A Pack Of Pickled Commons 2: Battle For Zendikar Answers

by January 15, 2016

The Mana Dork

I’m starting to wonder if I should call these “answers” (especially for the Pack 1 versions of the puzzle). Drafting is open-ended enough that definitively correct picks are always tough to make. Maybe “Jesse’s Picks” instead. We’ll change that up for the Oath of the Gatewatch.

Anyway. Onward! Continue reading

Remembrance Day

by January 15, 2016

Remembrance Day Poppy
In observance of Remembrance Day, we will be opening at 1pm on November 11th.

On the 11th at 2pm we will be doing our inaugural Conspiracy Cube Draft.

Dungeons and Dragons Encounters will be running as usual at 6pm with Dungeon Masters available at 5:15 to support players needing help with Characters.

Pick A Pack of Pickled Commons 2: Battle for Zendikar

by January 15, 2016

The Mana Dork


It’s time for your favourite draft puzzle and mine, Pick a Pack of Pickled Commons!

This time around, we’re looking at Battle for Zendikar. The Limited environment for this set has so far been a little slower — not a lot of fast two-drops like in Origins, and not a lot of great direct-damage burn spells at common, so you’re more likely than not to land those big Eldrazi and start ripping each other apart with bifurcated monstrosities.

Notably, it’s also remarkably friendly to splashing extra colours. I ended up with a brutally efficient red-white-blue Allies deck at A Muse N’s Friday night pre-release, and with a black-red-green sacrifice deck at a table with some pretty experienced drafters. Both decks were very, very effective.

But enough of my durdling. Let’s get to it!

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