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The Mana Dork – How Does Banding Work? by Jesse Mackenzie

by January 10, 2018

The Mana Dork
How Does Banding Work

When you play Commander, you come across some very weird, old ways of doing things in Magic. The card pool stretches way, waayyy back, after all. Back to when the colour pie was less defined, and some keywords hadn’t quite made their way into being keywords yet.

And some, like banding, were keywords when they probably shouldn’t have been.

Banding used to be a cool, flavourful ability for white creatures that represented teamwork and tightly defined military tactics. It was supposed to be white’s answer to trample—what better way to show a team of well-trained soldiers acting like a huge, armoured behemoth than to actually code it into the rules? Continue reading

Free RPG Summary!

by January 15, 2016

Today, Saturday June 20th is Free RPG Day! We have games, draws, specials and more!

11AM – 2pm – Fiasco
11am – 3pm Tunnels and Trolls
1pm-4pm Edge of the Empire
3pm – 6pm Dungeons and Dragons Character Generation Drop-in.

Participate in any of the above (all free to enter), and you will be entered in to win Free RPG Day prizes!

Free RPG Day Specials:
D&D 3.5 Premium Monster Manual
D&D 3.5 Premium Dungeon Masters Guide GMFBooks

All AD&D 1st Edition Leather-bound are on sale for 40-50% off MSRP! (Prices as Marked) This includes:
Players Handbook
Dungeon Masters Guide
Monster Manual
Unearthed Arcana

Magic: Origins Pre-Release

by January 15, 2016
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Magic Origins Pre-Release Information

New and Back in Stock – June 17/15

by January 15, 2016



Here are highlights of just some of the items we have recently received.

New In stock:
Terry Pratchett: The Witches
Apples to Apples
Munchkin Adventure Time 2
Fairytale Gloom

Back in Stock:
Dominion: Guilds & Cornucopia
Munchkin Cthulhu
Bang! The Walking Dead
Firefly Customizable Ship Models

Not Pictured an assortment of new and back in stock deck boxes including new colors of the Ultra pro Satin tower

Strictly Casual – Origins – A Blast From the Past Further Back

by January 15, 2016

Origins – A Blast From the Past Further Back

As Magic Origins will launch within the next few weeks, I have become a bit more nostalgic. In case you don’t know, Origins is the prequel of sorts for the five planeswalkers – Gideon, Nyssa, Jace, Liliana and Chandra. There will be a number of people who will look at those names in nostalgia, because they remember their first appearance around the time that they started. Continue reading

The Mana Dork – Modern Masters 2, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Frog

by January 15, 2016

THE MANA DORK—Modern Masters 2, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Frog
I’ve got my opinions on Modern Masters 2 as a reprint set, or the price point, or the quality of the printing. (Heck, I’ve had my opinions on the quality of the printing since Khans of Tarkir—seriously, buy a Theros pack and a Khans pack, they will smell different, it’s not the same anymore.)

But that’s a different column.

I’m here today to give you a proper tournament report on a Modern Masters 2 draft. And let me tell you, it’s a pretty sweet draft set. Continue reading

Strictly Casual -What I Learned at Tournaments by William D. O’Dell

by January 15, 2016

What I learned at Tournaments

Build a cat-apult for the little furballs that get in your way! Cue music – cat yelping slowly getting softer as the cat goes farther away. Ooops, this is not a Ren Fest tournament that I’m supposed to be talking about is it?

OK, so I was in the Peg (Winterpeg, er, I mean Winnipeg) last week. A Muse N Games co-owner Scotia was kind enough to invite me to play in a Modern Masters tournament on my one free night away from my day job colleagues. Who was I to say no? Modern Masters features some of the most memorable cards from some of the only sets in recent years that I was playing exclusively on MTGO. Continue reading