Month: April 2015

Strictly Casual – How I Broke the Unbroken by William D. O’Dell

How I Broke the Unbroken Once upon a time, there was a guy who really loved dragons. And one of those dragons really messed with him and his head. Then he went back in time and fixed everything – including his beloved dragons! Suddenly Sarkhan was Unbroken – and I aim to break him down to instill a little fire and flight in your step toward victory! So let’s start with a decklist and take flight in a second … Sarkhan Broken Creatures (27) 2 Sarkhan Unbroken 3 Urborg Elf 3 Quirion Ranger 2 Wirewood Channeler 3 Elvish Pioneer 2 Dragonspeaker Shaman or Dragonlord’s Servant 2 Krosan Drover 4 Bogardan Hellkite 2 Dragonlord Atarka 2 Dragonlord Kolaghan 7 more dragons of your choice 2 Scourge of Valkas or Dragon Tempest Spells (14) 2 Dragonstorm 2 Inexorable Tide 3 Dark Ritual 3 Rites of Flourishing 2 Lay of the Land 2 Naturalize Lands (32) 1 Haven of the Spirit Dragon 4 Evolving Wild 3 Shimmering Grotto 3 Dismal Backwater 3 Frontier Bivouac 10 Forests 10 Mountains 4 Swamps 4 Islands Obviously this is an 80-card deck. We’ve kept the 60/40 ratio of Spells to Lands simply because we want to fly through this as quickly as possible, but it is a mana sink for sure. The meta design is we want to get Sarkhan Unbound’s ultimate off or Dragonstorm to...

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May List of Events

Please note we have added some weekly events to our previous lineup as our new play space opening for business at the beginning of May on the lower level. Weekly Events: Wednesday 12-3pm Midday Magic Wednesday 6pm – D&D Encounters Wednesday 6pm – Tiny Leaders League $6 entry fee Thursday 12-3pm – Midday Magic Thursday 6:30pm – Standard $6 entry Fee Thursday 7pm – Lady Planeswalker Society Thursday 7pm – Draft $16.50 Entry Fee Friday 12-3pm Midday Magic Friday 6pm – Friday Night Shenanigans (open board gaming) Friday 6:30pm – FNM Sealed – $33 entry fee Friday 7:30pm – FNM Commander 1st flight Friday 9:30* – FNM Commander 2nd flight – *this flight will follow sealed so the start time varies Saturday 12pm – MTG Draft – this will now be occurring weekly 🙂 Sunday 11am – D&D Expeditions – please note with new space end time for this will now be 3pm please plan appropriately for a longer campaign time May’s Events: Saturday May 2 – 12-5pm Lords of Scotland prerelease Sunday May 3 – All Day – Star Wars Celebration Day see link for full details Saturday May 9 – 12pm – Conquest spring league Sunday May 10 – 12pm – Family Games Day – this is the first installment we plan to hold these once a month going forward Saturday May 16 – 12pm -Dragons Maze Flashback Event...

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The Mana Dork – Coming Home by Jesse Mackenzie

Coming Home I pulled my first planeswalker card from a booster the other day. I’d been intrigued by planeswalkers ever since I started seeing them in the display cases at game stores. Beautiful, fascinating characters, with a completely alien mechanical design—almost as though the cards themselves had planeswalked into Magic from another game. I’d bought single walkers—three Jaces during my time away from the game, Teferi and Nahiri when I started building my first Commander deck this year, then more and more as I raced to put together decks as quickly as my budget would allow. But I’d never pulled one from a booster pack. And here was Sarkhan Unbroken, red eyes glowing, that one pale strand of hair billowing as he stood astride the Tarkir he’d reforged, almost bursting out of the card in my hand. Call it a milestone. I’d started playing Magic as a kid with my dad, building elf decks and bird decks and trying very hard to get away with using creatures that tap for mana instead of more lands. (Bad idea, by the way.) I can still remember him holding four Hypnotic Specters—a full playset—and telling me how powerful they were. Not only could they fly and hit for two damage, but they forced the opponent to discard, which took away their options, too. Eye-opening, for a kid like me. We played from...

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Press Release: A Muse N Games joins forces with the 501st and River City Jedi to Fight Hunger, and Celebrate Star Wars.

Press Release: A Muse N Games joins forces with the 501st and River City Jedi to Fight Hunger, and Celebrate Star Wars. Because we couldn’t wait until May the 4th; On Sunday May 3rd from 11am to 7pm A Muse N Games will be celebrating all things Star Wars, and debuting the new event area. In attendance will be Stormtroopers from the 501st, and Jedi from River City Jedi. Anyone attending the event is encouraged to bring a tin for the bin for Winnipeg Harvest. Donations that fall on Winnipeg Harvest’s 10 most wanted food items will receive special Star Wars themed prizes, (One prize per person) as well as be entered to win the grand prize of a Star Wars Miniature AT-AT. Specific Events that are occurring: Age of Rebellion RPG 11am Force and Destiny RPG 1pm Edge of Empire RPG 3pm Imperial Assault League Wrap up 2pm Xwing Miniatures Epic Battle 1pm All Day: Xwing Minatures Come and go demonstrations All Day: Star Wars Armada demonstrations. Throughout the entire day demonstrations of all Star Wars games will be available. A Muse N Games is located at 1839 ½ Portage Ave. Winnipeg MB R3J 0G7.  AMnG opened October 1st 2014, it is a friendly local game store dedicated to games of all varieties (Board, Card, RPG), and features art and fantastic items from local artisans. 204-415-1112...

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Strictly Casual – Dragon Combos by William D. O’Dell

Dragon Combos Up in the sky … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a dragon about to rain down fire and destruction on all of those puny humans that inhabit the planes of Tarkir. And I have to admit that is AWESOME!!! Way back in the day, the OG dragons – the Elder Dragons – started off my fascination with dragons in Magic. That has continued to this day and this latest set has just made me giddy as a fat kid who just got a free pizza! I know this is only the second article and I’m talking about dragons again. The next article I will try to write about something other than dragons – oh wait no! The next one is about breaking a certain Unbroken planeswalker. Seriously what can I say the set is called Dragons of Tarkir. So let’s look at some of the key cards from each Dragonlord’s brood and see what kind of comborific fun we can have with one key card from each. And we will start with one of my favorite new cards – Foe-Razer Regent. Obviously this regent (one of five representing each colour) doesn’t necessarily represent a brood. That said, he will be representing Atarka since he pairs the best with the Gruul Ragebeast. What’s not to like? Put a critter in play and it...

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  • Congrats to all of our Hardcore 24 #Brawl winners:
Participation draw (Jerry M) [Messenger Bag]
Most Games Played (Preston P) [Deveri Deck]
Most Wins, and your new Hardcore 24 Brawl Champion Tim H [Kaahlia Deck]
Stay tuned to find out how you can get in on the #mtg Brawl Action!

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  • It’s 1am... #Winnipeg’s first Harcore 24 Brawl is going strong. Come down and be part of #MtG History!

This event runs until 6pm today!

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