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New In Stock April 29

by January 15, 2016


New In Stock:
DC Dicemasters Gravity Feeds
DC Dicemasters Starter Set
D&D Temple of Elemental Evil Boardgame
Lanterns The Harvest Festival
Double Feature

Strictly Casual – How I Broke the Unbroken by William D. O’Dell

by January 15, 2016


How I Broke the Unbroken

Once upon a time, there was a guy who really loved dragons. And one of those dragons really messed with him and his head. Then he went back in time and fixed everything – including his beloved dragons!

Suddenly Sarkhan was Unbroken – and I aim to break him down to instill a little fire and flight in your step toward victory! So let’s start with a decklist and take flight in a second … Continue reading

May List of Events

by May 9, 2015

Please note we have added some weekly events to our previous lineup as our new play space opening for business at the beginning of May on the lower level.

Weekly Events:
Wednesday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Wednesday 6pm – D&D Encounters
Wednesday 6pm – Tiny Leaders League $6 entry fee
Thursday 12-3pm – Midday Magic
Thursday 6:30pm – Standard $6 entry Fee
Thursday 7pm – Lady Planeswalker Society
Thursday 7pm – Draft $16.50 Entry Fee
Friday 12-3pm Midday Magic
Friday 6pm – Friday Night Shenanigans (open board gaming)
Friday 6:30pm – FNM Sealed – $33 entry fee
Friday 7:30pm – FNM Commander 1st flight
Friday 9:30* – FNM Commander 2nd flight – *this flight will follow sealed so the start time varies
Saturday 12pm – MTG Draft – this will now be occurring weekly 🙂
Sunday 11am – D&D Expeditions – please note with new space end time for this will now be 3pm please plan appropriately for a longer campaign time

May’s Events:
Saturday May 2 – 12-5pm Lords of Scotland prerelease
Sunday May 3 – All Day – Star Wars Celebration Day see link for full details
Saturday May 9 – 12pm – Conquest spring league
Sunday May 10 – 12pm – Family Games Day – this is the first installment we plan to hold these once a month going forward
Saturday May 16 – 12pm -Dragons Maze Flashback Event
Sunday May 17 – 2pm – Conquest Spring League
Friday May 22 – Modern Masters 2015 Releases
Saturday May 23 -12pm – Modern Masters 2015 Draft – $37.50+tax (prizing is current standard sets not MM2015 – you get 3 packs of MM2015 to draft with plus prizes)
Saturday May 23 -12pm – Doomtown Reloaded Tournament $5+tax entry fee
Sunday May 24 – 2pm -Netrunner $5+tax entry fee
Saturday May 30 – Grand Prix Trial Hong Kong registration starts at 11am deck registration and deckbuilding start promptly at noon
Sunday May 31 – 11am registration, 12pm Conquest Regionals

The Mana Dork – Coming Home by Jesse Mackenzie

by April 21, 2015

The Mana Dork

Coming Home

I pulled my first planeswalker card from a booster the other day.

I’d been intrigued by planeswalkers ever since I started seeing them in the display cases at game stores. Beautiful, fascinating characters, with a completely alien mechanical design—almost as though the cards themselves had planeswalked into Magic from another game. Continue reading

Press Release: A Muse N Games joins forces with the 501st and River City Jedi to Fight Hunger, and Celebrate Star Wars.

by January 15, 2016
Star wars celebration day - May 3

Star wars celebration day – May 3

Press Release:

A Muse N Games joins forces with the 501st and River City Jedi to Fight Hunger, and Celebrate Star Wars.

Because we couldn’t wait until May the 4th; On Sunday May 3rd from 11am to 7pm A Muse N Games will be celebrating all things Star Wars, and debuting the new event area.

In attendance will be Stormtroopers from the 501st, and Jedi from River City Jedi.
Anyone attending the event is encouraged to bring a tin for the bin for Winnipeg Harvest. WpgHarvest -JPG (4)
Donations that fall on Winnipeg Harvest’s 10 most wanted food items will receive special Star Wars themed prizes, (One prize per person) as well as be entered to win the grand prize of a Star Wars Miniature AT-AT.

Continue reading

Strictly Casual – Dragon Combos by William D. O’Dell

by January 15, 2016

Dragon Combos

Up in the sky … Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a dragon about to rain down fire and destruction on all of those puny humans that inhabit the planes of Tarkir. And I have to admit that is AWESOME!!!

Way back in the day, the OG dragons – the Elder Dragons – started off my fascination with dragons in Magic. That has continued to this day and this latest set has just made me giddy as a fat kid who just got a free pizza!

Continue reading

Tabletop Day 2015

by January 15, 2016

Here’s the low down on what’s happening this weekend with Tabletop Day including sales, promos, and prize giveaways!

20% off lowest marked price on all Heroclix
20% off lowest marked price on all Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing
20% off all Werewolf: The Apocalypse books and Supplements.

Special Purchases
Magic The Gathering: Dragons Maze Pre-Release Packs $20
Spend $50 on Munchkin and be entered to win a swanky XL Munchkin hoodie with Hoodie Munchkin Cards

Play and win
Win a game of Fluxx and get a promo pack of cards (while supplies last, we’ve got a stack but fluxx can be a fast game)
Win 7 wonders get a Wil Wheaton Leader promo card (limit 1)
plus other Fun Promos throughout the Day 🙂

Games planned (plus other demos):
From 1-4pm (approx) Crop Cycle with Designer Trevor LehmanCarcassonne Hunters and Gatherers
Pandemic Contagion
7 Wonders
Sentinel of The Multiverse
5 Tribes
Eldritch Horror with Expansions
Dead of Winter
Say Bye to the Villains

New and Back In Stock April 9

by January 15, 2016

New In Stock (some is back in stock but was in so briefly we figured it deserved to be here too):
Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers
Dead of Winter
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre
DC Deck-building Game Justice Society of America Crossover Pack 1
Star Realms- Gambit Pack (On  sale Friday April 10)
Star Realms
Start Player

Modern Masters 2015 – Updated May 20th

by January 15, 2016

Modern Masters 2015

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a lot of buzz about Modern Masters 2015, and a lot of questions ranging from “What is it?” to “When can I buy it?”
Continue reading

Dragons of Tarkir Booster Box Opening

by April 2, 2015

Leading up to the release of Dragons of Tarkir, the question I think we most often heard was “Do you need help opening your boxes for singles? I’d be glad to help!”
While we appreciate the offers, we couldn’t give everyone who asked the opportunity to help. So we did the next best thing… we recorded the opening of our two boxes for singles! Continue reading