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Marvel Dice Masters – Uncanny X-Men Expansion

by January 15, 2016

Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men Starters and Boosters are now Available!

Dice Tower’s Review of Uncanny X-Men

Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-men Gravity Feed

Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-men Gravity Feed


Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-men Starter

Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-men Starter

Reminder we’ll be at JimCon – Winnipeg’s Gaming Convention

by January 15, 2016

Hi all just a reminder that the store will be closed November 14, 15, and 16th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for JimCon. Please come down and see us at the Con!! We will reopen with regular store hours on Wednesday November 19 .

Star Trek Catan

by November 4, 2014

Star Trek“Star Trek Catan ® transports the timeless game concept of the world’s most acclaimed board game – The Settlers of Catan – into the exciting Star Trek universe. The popular characters of the Starship Enterprise come into play through novel new “support cards.” Build, trade and settle where no one has gone before!” – Mayfair Games

Conspiracy Draft Nov 7

by January 15, 2016

conspiracy pic

Join us at noon on Saturday for a Draft from the Magic the Gathering Conspiracy Set. Draft will be $15 for 3 booster packs of Conspiracy signups start at 11:30 drafting starts at noon.

Pandemic demo and play

by January 15, 2016


The new Pandemic games are out (Pandemic the Cure and Pandemic Contagion) and to celebrate we figured we would play some Pandemic 2013 from 1-5 pm this Sunday October 26.

Mid-Day Magic

by January 15, 2016

Recently we’ve had some customers who work evening shifts and have expressed a desire to play Magic during the day. So to help that out, we’re announcing our Mid-Day Magic Series

From Noon-3pm:
Wednesday – Modern
Thursday – Standard
Friday – EDH / Commander (There will be no MDM on October 31st)

We’ll start with casual play, and if enough players are present / interested we will look at running quick tournaments.

New / Back in Stock October 22, 2014

by January 15, 2016

New releases just in time to populate your Christmas list!

Here’s what’s *new* this week:

  • Tragedy Looper
  • Pandemic – The Cure [Stand Alone, no other sets required]
  • Pandemic – Contagion [Stand Alone, no other sets required]
  • Munchkin Panic!
  • Munckin Adventure Time
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game – Raiders of the Fever Seas Expansion

Here’s what’s back in stock:

  • Pandemic (2013 Edition )
  • Pandemic – On The Brink  [Expansion]
  • Carcassonne Basic
  • Carcassonne Big Box
  • Stone Age
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • DC  Deck Building Game – Heroes Unite! [Standalone/Expansion]
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse – Rook City & Infernal Relics
  • Lascaux
  • Settlers of Catan: Dice Game
  • Shadowrun RPG – 5th Edition Core Rulebook (Featuring Local writer Raymond Crouteau)
  •  Galaxy Trucker
  • Baby’s First Mythos
  • NUTS! (The Card Game)
  • Chez:  Geek, Goth, Guevara, Cthulhu
  • Munchkin – A variety of expansions and stand alone games.
  • OGRE: Pocket Battles (ONLY $3!)
  • Sleeves of all sizes for your games.

Playtesting opportunity for locally designed game! Over da’ Boards

by January 15, 2016

Shared Weave Games is looking for between 3 and 9 people to perform the final beta testing phase of Over da’ Boards… LEAGUE PLAY!
Playtesting consists of playing a 2 hour game once a week (or every other week depending on peoples schedules) against the other players in round robin, managing salary caps, equipment purchases, player trading, player advancement, the mercenary pool, and advancing a franchise up from the minor leagues through to international level play.
The purpose of this exercise is to make sure faction balance, league economy, and player progression isn’t broken.
Contact games(at)
if you are interested in joining the group to help out with play testing!

New / Back In Stock – October 17, 2014

by January 15, 2016

Every week feels like Christmas opening boxes of stuff coming in! This week the following is either new to us, or back in stock:

  • Walking Dead Monopoly
  • BANG! Walking Dead Comic Edition
  • The Walking Dead (TV) Card Game
  • Dr. Who – Tardis & Dalek Yahtzee
  • The Hobbit Yahtzee
  • Firefly – Blue Sun Expansion **New**
  • DC Deck Building Game – Crisis Expansion
  • Netrunner – Data Packs
  • Quarriors – Base Game & All Expansions
  • Family Business
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse – Rook City & Infernal Relics, The Scholar, Silver Gulch, and The Final Wasteland
  • D&D Starter Set
  • Flash Point Fire & Rescue 2nd Edition
  • Android Board Game
  • 7 Wonders – Base Game & Expansions: Leaders, Cities, and Wonderpack
  • Pokemon XY Furious Fists

Friday Night Shenanigans the October 17th Edition

by January 15, 2016

To celebrate next weeks arrival of Pandemic “The Cure” and “Contagion” we’re going to feature a game of Pandemic featuring “Texas Hotspots”!

Also – new demo copies of of the DC Comics Deck Building Game, and Cargo Noir have arrived. Plus, we’ve yet to play our demo copies of Dixit and Le Havre, and we need to correct that.

As always, we’ll be open until 10pm, drop by and join us, or just get a game to start your own FNS at home.